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The Christian community for seekers, skeptics, and believers. Do you want the answers to all of life's questions? Discover the truth about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible and Christianity!

All About GOD FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions on God

All About GOD FAQ 2
Frequently Asked Questions on God

A Jealous God
Why is God a jealous God? What does that mean? Study the Bible verses and discover how God is jealous.

Angel Picture
Do we have guardian angels? Is there any evidence of their existence? What does the Bible say?

Angry God
Sometimes it feels like God is angry. Is he? Do you know His character? Find helpful information from the Bible on this topic.

What is this doctrine of hell? Is it a biblical possibility? What verses speak of hell and God’s view of sin?

Answers To Bible Questions
Don't read the Bible without asking your questions. We're here to help.

Answers to Bible Questions Video
Got Questions? The Bible has answers. We'll find them for you! Bible Questions Answered by!

Armor of God
Find information on God’s armor. What is the purpose of it? Do you wear it? How do you wear it?

Assurance Of Salvation
What is it? What does the Bible say? Is there scriptural support for assurance of salvation? Find out here.

Attributes of God
Ever wondered about God’s true nature? A breakdown of His character, as revealed in the Bible, can be discovered.

Attributes of God 2
How can a simple acronym help you remember attributes of God that make Him worthy of our praise? Find out inside!

Attributes of God Video
Does this all-knowing God care about us? What happens when we cry out to Him? Worship with Destinysong.

Baptism In The Holy Spirit
Identify this theology and understand how it applies to you. What are the results and when does a believer receive it?

Baptism in the Holy Spirit Video
What is the evidence of the Holy Spirit's indwelling in the life of the believer? Find out here.

Become A Christian
How can we be assured of eternal salvation? Here's a biblical guideline for your heartfelt decision.

Become a Christian Video
Participate in the worship song, Awakening. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

Bema Seat
Does this judgment influence salvation? How can I be prepared for this event and when will it occur? Understand more now.

Bema Seat 2
Is this event for believers or unbelievers? Why is it important? What does it have to do with me?

Bible Answers
Who is Jesus? Does God exist? Why am I here? Find out the biblical response to these common questions.

Bible Answers Video
Bobby talks about a vital step in Bible study: application. What is it? Why is it important to apply what we've learned?

Bible Concordance
A look at some powerful tools to better understand God's word.

Bible Facts
Is Jesus the main theme of the Bible? When was the Bible written and how many books does it have?

Bible Facts Video
How well do people know the Bible and events from the Bible? Enjoy this video and see.

Bible Help
Do you need assistance with studying certain passages of the Bible? Try this resource.

Bible Help Video
One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it. Learn here.

Bible Questions
If you need assistance with some difficult Bible passages, here's a Bible-based resource.

Bible Questions Video
Mark Mittelberg reveals the questions that challenge many Christians. What are they?

Bible Quotes
Study these selected scriptures and use them to support your friends and family members. Include them on a hand-written note.

Bible Quotes Video
Bobby talks about how critical it is for the Christian to study God's word. What are his main points?

Bible Reading Plan
Do you want to hide God’s Word in your heart, but don’t know how to begin? Learn helpful information here.

Bible Scripture
The entirety of Christian doctrine should be grounded in the Bible. Here's the foundation for your review.

Bible Scripture Video
Do you have an appetite for the Bible? Bobby share how to cultivate a appetite for studying the Bible.

Bible Verses
Understanding Bible more and growing in your biblical studies. Take a look here.

Bible Verses on Love
Discover what the Bible says about love and its characteristics. Learn how love is described and demonstrated.

Bible Verses on Love Video
What is love, and why is it called the greatest virtue? John Stonestreet and Timothy George explain.

Bible and Gender
What does the Bible say about marriage, family, and gender? Find out through this study of the topic.

Biblical Fasting
Why do Christians fast? What is gained? What is the focus? Find out more on this spiritual discipline.

Biblical Stewardship
To much is given, much is expected. How does this truth apply to Christians today?

Big Sins
Are there grades of sin? Are there big sins and little sins or are all sins equal? What about consequences and punishment?

Body Of Christ
Who makes up this body? Is it all people or just those who know Jesus? Find out here.

Body of Christ Video
What is the purpose of living the Christian life with others? Why is it important to not isolate yourself?

Book of Life
Where is this book mentioned in Revelation? What is the purpose of the record? Is your name included in the Book of Life?

Is it part of healing? What does the Bible say about God’s love and how it relates to brokenness?

Brokenness Video
Bill once suffered from burnout and clinical depression so severe that he could do little more than get out of bed in the morning. How did he find hope?

Can God Forgive Me Video
It is an important question. Can God forgive the sins I've done? Lecrae answers the question.

Can God Forgive Me?
How do I obtain forgiveness from God? Find out what the Bible says about forgiveness and how to receive it.

Canon Of The Bible
Are the gospels historically reliable? What evidence supports this claim? Discover four facts about the reliability of the Gospels.

Charitable Giving
One of the spiritual gifts, this powerful part in the Body of Christ shouldn't be taken lightly.

Christian Accountability
People who meet together to share difficult issues, pray about temptations they are struggling with, and share in each other’s joys.

Christian Accountability 2
Discover tips for finding someone to hold you accountable. What kind of person are you looking for? Learn action steps.

Christian Accountability Video
Why is accountability important? How does it help someone who has a difficult time resisting sinful behavior?

Christian Answers
Ask questions about biblical theology and receive Bible-based answers to your questions in 2-7 days.

Christian Answers Video
Bobby Conway asks Dr. Craig Hazen about Christianity having all the answers. Is it true?

Christian Apologetics
The Christian faith is supported by the evidence. Here's how to equip yourself with the answers.

Christian Apologetics Video
What is apologetics? Special Guest Dr. Frank Turek helps explain what Apologetics is and why we have it.

Christian Business Consulting
Many believers have been called to manage businesses. What are some ways to exercise our faith in a secular company?

Christian Business Consulting 2
How do we run a Christ-centered business? What biblical principles can we apply in the secular world?

Christian Business Consulting 3
Solid biblical principles for Christ-led businesses and executives.

Christian Business Consulting 4
How can faith and business connect? Here are some Christ-centered fundamentals for running a business.

Christian Charity
Selecting charities can be confusing. Consider these tips and learn more about the benefits of child sponsorship.

Christian Counseling
Can a counselor help me overcome my life challenge? Should I seek treatment and advice from a qualified counselor?

Christian Distractions
What distractions keep you from the things you truly value? Music, movies? Find out what to avoid and what to create balance in.

Christian Doctrine
The Christian faith should be taught from the simple basics in scripture. The Good News doesn't need a theology degree.

Christian Doctrine Video
What are the essential Christian doctrines? Listen to this discussion and find out.

Christian Fasting
An act of sacrifice that connects us more spiritually and grows our faith.

Christian Fellowship
A critical part of Christian growth is communion with like-minded believers. Find out what the bible teaches about fellowship.

Christian Fellowship 2
Christian growth requires Christian companionship. How do we participate in this communion of grace?

Christian Fellowship Video
Why do people choose not to go to church? What are the reasons? What are the answers?

Christian Giving
Ideas for responding to those who are soliciting funds. Make wise decisions on donations and contributions.

Christian Halloween
How can we respond to this celebration? Learn the history of Halloween and make an informed decision.

Christian Hypocrisy
What is hypocrisy? Why do all of us struggle with it? Discover what Jesus said about hypocrisy. Do you agree?

Christian Lifestyle
Is this life possible? What are the important aspects of living this life? Find biblical insight here.

Christian Love
All believers are called to love at a deep and selfless level. It's not a feeling, but a lifestyle.

Christian Love Video
Love is action. Jesus declares the mark of being one of His disciples is through the love we show each other.

Christian Meditation
Should Christian prayer and Bible reading be linked in any way to meditation? What does the Bible say?

Christian Mentor
Would anyone want to follow your lead? Are you ready to lead the next generation and pass the baton to them?

Christian Mentoring
Mentoring and accountability for Christian men is a must for solid growth.

Christian Prayer
What should be the model for our daily prayers? Indeed, Jesus gave us one.

Christian Prayer Video
Participate in the worship song, Obsession. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

Christian Realtor
Learn the challenges and joys of the Christian business world. Read one woman's persective of shining for Christ in the real estate business.

Christian Retreat Centers
Safe havens for Christian pastors and ministry leaders. Desperately needed in today's hustle and stress-filled world. Rest and recharge!

Christian Speakers
A good presenter will share ideas from a biblical perspective and challenge the audience to put God's Word into practice.

Christian Stewardship
Financial decision making and accountability are a big part of giving. See why.

Christian Testimonies
Has Christ done a work in your life? Give Him the credit. Tell someone what He did for you!

Christian Views on Cremation
Does the Bible condemn it or condone it? Learn more here. Read this summary article and make your decision.

Christian Witnessing
Don't be afraid to share your faith. Nobody can take your own story away from you.

Christian Worship
Is this just the church activity that we participate in or does God desire that it be more? Learn what the Bible says.

Christian Worship Video
Participate in the worship song, All Who Are Thirsty. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

Church Fund Raising
The biblical foundation for giving to the church. The biblical foundation for asking for money.

Church Fund Raising 2
The biblical foundation for giving to the church. The biblical foundation for asking for money.

Church Planting
What are the five key areas in the church planting cycle or continuum? Read this helpful article.

Church Planting Movements
What is this concept all about? Is there a biblical model to follow? Learn more here.

Confession Of Sin
How often should we confess? Who should we confess to? What is confession?

See an overview of the crusades and the events of each.

Crusades 2
Read summaries of each crusade and why they were fought. What is the motivation behind these fierce battles?

Da Vinci Code History
The historical credibility of the Da Vinci Code is based on documents from a secret society known as the Priory of Sion.

Da Vinci Code Proof
Evaluate how Dan Brown’s claims compare to the facts of history. What is fictional? Find the truth here.

Da Vinci Code Summary
Read a concise synopsis of this book and high budget film. What is the premise for the story?

Da Vinci Code Truth
Uncover the lies of Brown’s book and learn the facts regarding its claims. Study the evidence.

Da Vinci Code Truth Video
This Totally ROCKS! Want a good laugh over all this Da Vinci Code movie stuff? There is so much stuff flying back and forth over the Davinci Code. Watch this short video clip!

Death and Heaven
Does everyone get to go to heaven? Who gets to go? Get answers here.

Death and Heaven Video
What happens after death? Can we know for sure? What about heaven and hell? Do they exist?

Definition Of Sin
What is the penalty for sin? How can we go to heaven if we have sinned?

Definition Of Sin 2
What is the penalty for sin? How can we go to heaven if we have sinned?

Deliverance Ministries
Find out about beliefs and what warnings you should take when considering these ministries. What does the Bible say?

Discovering Spiritual Gifts
When do I receive my gift? Why is it important to my spiritual growth? Can I have more than one?

Do I Have To Be Baptized To Go To Heaven
What does baptism mean? Why is it important? Is it necessary? What does God’s Word say about baptism?

Easter Christian
Read of the history of Easter and why it is significant to so many people. Why does it hold importance?

Eternal God
What does the word eternal mean? How can God be from everlasting to everlasting. Study this theme and understand this attribute.

Eternal God Video
Can I like God? Does He love me? Are you curious about God? Want a deeper connection?

Remember those who invited you to experience God's love and forgiveness. Where can you share the incredible love of Jesus?

Evangelism Video
Mark Mittelberg presents keys to effectively sharing one's faith. What are the important points?

Everlasting God
Learn about God’s greatest gift to us. What is it? Is it available to you? Find the answers here.

Everlasting God Video
Song and Lyrics for Jeremy Camp's song of worship about God's everlasting attributes. What does it mean to you?

Evidential Apologetics
Are you looking for the truth as to why skeptics and many Christians miss the mark? Are you tired of feel-good pabulum?

Faith Healing
What is involved in healing? Who is the healer and who makes the decision about who will be healed?

Faith In God
Although bolstered by evidence and transformed lives, our faith should be simple and pure, like the perspective of a child.

Faithfulness of God
What does the Bible say about God and His faithfulness? How can we know for sure that we can trust God's faithfulness?

Fear of God
Can you help me know what this phrase means? What does the Bible say? Is it simply respect or honor?

Fear of God Video
Why is the utter awe of God considered the beginning of understanding? What do we know about the character of God? Not for the faithhearted - Watch this short video clip and stand in awe!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
What does the Bible mean when it uses this phrase? What makes each of us wonderful and fearfully made?

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Video
Affirm the Sacred and Defend Life. What does it mean that I am fearfully and wonderfully made?

This is one of the primary purposes of mankind. Learn the importance of fostering love, trust, and security in your friendships.

Fellowship Video
Do you have to go to church to be a Christian? The Preposterous project tackles this long-debated topic.

Forgiving Others
Be released from anger, bitterness, and hurt. Make a conscious decision to forgive those who have hurt you.

Forgiving Others Video
When it feels like you’re dealt one blow after another and become weighed down with too much baggage, can you let go and let God take control?

Forgiving Yourself
I need to forgive myself. Where do I start? What do I say? Is it really that important?

Fruit Of The Spirit
The nine visible attributes of a true Christian life: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Garden Of Eden
What are the ancient roots of this biblical story? Bible story or Bble truth?

Garden Of Eden 2
The Genesis Account of Adam, Eve and the VERY GOOD Creation. Is there a contradiction in the biblical accounts?

Gifts Of The Spirit
Gain a basic understanding and discover what the Bible has to say about why each gift is important.

Give Glory to God
What does this really mean? How can we give God glory? What is involved? Learn what the Bible says.

Give Glory to God Video
Come Awake by The Destinysong Project. Find inspiration by worshiping along with them.

Global Evangelism
We’re called to be Christ’s farmers in a worldwide process. What does the Great Commission really mean?

Glory To God
Does my life glorify the Father? How can I show it in my daily activities? Discover what glorifies Him.

Glory to God Video
Participate in the worship song, Agnus Dei. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

What do universal standards of morals and ethics say about the nature of God?

God Help Me
Find lasting peace from God and discover how to rely on Him for strength when the circumstances are overwhelming you.

God Help Me Video
Are you crying out to God for help? Ask Him to draw you near and close to Him.

God Is Love
What's the biblical definition of love? What's God's definition of love?

God Is Love 2
Our definition of love is much different than God's definition of love. Check out the differences for yourself.

God Loves You
Does He really love me? Why am I on that list? Find out the biblical proof that God loves you and sent His Son to die for you.

God Names
The names of God in Greek reveal a great deal about His nature.

God Names 2
The Hebrew and Greek names for God help us understand His entire character.

God Quotes
What did God say in the Bible? What are His quotes? Find a sampling here and also read quotes that theologians have said about God.

God Video
Are you curious about God? Want a deeper connection? Maybe your life experiences have left you feeling disappointed with God, or wondering if He is disappointed with you.

God is Gracious
What is it? Why is grace important in the Christian life? Find help in understanding this attribute of God.

God is Gracious Video
How is God gracious? Andy Stanley illustrates Christ's embodiment of Grace and Truth.

God is Just
Is God really a God of justice? What does it mean that God is our judge? Find out what the Bible says.

God is Just Video
The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Mike Mason the question "Is God Unjust Because He Allows Suffering?"

God is Love Video
Worship with Destinysong as they share God's love for you and all people. Why does He love us?

God of Mercy
How does God show mercy? Learn about God's attribute of mercy and how we see it impact our lives.

Going To Heaven
Is this place real? Who goes here? What is it like? Can someone decide to go to heaven? Find out here.

Who was this giant and what part did he play in David’s life? Discover the facts about this man from Gath.

Good and Evil
Does evil exist? Is evil and reality in and of itself? Learn about good and evil from this author.

Good and Evil Video
What is the purpose of good and evil? Norman Geisler describes the nature of evil to Bobby.

Goodness of God
Learn about this attribute of God? How does it reconcile with all the suffering we see in the world?

Gospel Of Mary
How important is this manuscript? Does it contain hidden information about Jesus and His ministry here on Earth?

Grace vs Works
Are works required for salvation or is a matter of grace? How do the two work together? Find out.

Grace vs Works Video
What is grace? Randall Niles looks at the Good News that sets the message of Jesus Christ apart from the other man-made, religious attempts to reconcile with God.

What is wrong with wanting more and more? Is it destructive to yourself and others? What does it lead to?

Halloween Origins
Follow Halloween around the world and through history. What cultures have influenced the celebration we have today.

Helping the Homeless
What does the Bible say about helping the poor? Why should we care about the helpless? Thought provoking answers here.

Helping the Homeless Video
Francis Chan shares about how different it is to make disciples with the down-and-out in San Francisco. What is the purpose?

History of Satan
You’ve heard tales of a serpent tempting Eve in the garden. Is the devil merely an imaginary villain?

Holiness of God
What is holiness? Why is it important that God is holy? Study the Bible verses related to this topic and find out how it impacts your view of God.

Holy Holy Holy Video
Listen to Holy Lord by the Destinysong project. How is God holy? Why is He holy?

Holy Spirit
One of three persons in the Godhead. How can we understand the true character of God?

Holy, Holy, Holy
What are the lyrics? What are their meaning? Why is this hymn so powerful for many people throughout history?

Honoring Parents
What does honoring your parents look like? What does the Bible say about how to honor them? Find ideas.

House Church
Why do people participate in home gatherings around the world? Find out what goes into such a decision.

How Did Constantine Alter The Bible
Was the Bible compiled or altered by Constantine? What are the facts? Is The Da Vinci Code true?

How Great Thou Art
Read the words to this famous hymn and discover the occasion that inspired its writing and increase in popularity.

How To Be Saved
Discover God’s remedy for man’s sin problem. Learn more about accepting His free gift that is available to you!

How To Become A Christian
Learn God's plan of eternal life. Study biblical support for this concept.

How To Get To Heaven
Do you want to learn how to have eternal life? Do you want to be assured of going to heaven?

How to Be Saved Video
Participate in the worship song, Awakening. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

How to Become a Christian Video
Participate in the worship song, My Reward. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

How to Read the Bible
Are you a new student of God’s Word? Do you know where to start reading? Find helpful tips for understanding God’s Word.

Human Trafficking Victims
How do victims suffer? How can we help? What does the Bible say? Find out how you can have a part in helping victims.

Human Trafficking Victims Video
She was found and rescued -- not once, but twice. Watch Suhana's story on human trafficking.

I'd Rather Have Jesus Video
Listen as Cooper Ward sings the hymn that has touched many hearts. Would you rather have Jesus?

Immutability of God
Why can't God change? Can't he become more holy or righteous? Why or why not? Find out here.

Immutability of God Video
The Franz family sings about God's unchanging hand. Be encouraged by the words in this uplifting song.

Infinite God
What does it mean that God is infinite? How can God be without limits? What does this attribute of God mean?

Inspirational Bible Verses
Are there verses that are inspirational that I can share with others? Find helpful and inspirational verses here.

Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation
What is it? What does the Bible say? Is it necessary for salvation and spending eternity with God?

Is God Unfair
Why doesn't God make sense to us? Why do the innocent suffer and evil people succeed? Learn more.

Is God Unfair Video
Are you feeling singled out alone confused scared? Are you currently asking, "Why me?" Does God seem unfair?

Is Heaven Real
Discover what the Bible says about this eternal destination. How does someone make it to heaven? Find out!

Is Heaven Real Video
Can we investigate the reality of heaven? What can we know about the unseen realm of the supernatural? You gotta stream this short video clip!

Is Homosexuality A Sin
Is it a sin to have a gay relationship? Discover what the Bible says about this question and study these instances.

Is Oral Sex A Sin
Is it wrong for couples to have oral sex? Consider your reasons for doing it and ask yourself these important questions.

Is The Devil Real
Is there evidence of a devil? Learn his history and why he even exists.

I’d Rather Have Jesus
Discover the lyrics to this famous hymn and read the history behind the composition of the music.

Jesus And Mary Magdalene Married
Does the Da Vinci Code present an accurate portrayal of the relationship between Jesus and Mary? Did they have a marriage relationship?

Jesus Christ
Discover the events of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. What do they have to do with you?

Jesus Christ 2
Who is this man? Is He the Son of God or just an historical figure. Study the facts.

Jesus Christ 3
Discover the events of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. What do they have to do with you?

Jesus Christ 4
Discover the events of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. What do they have to do with you?

Jesus Christ 5
Study the facts about Jesus and the events of His life on earth. What do these facts have to do with you.

Jesus Christ 6
Who is this man? Is He the Son of God or just an historical figure. Study the facts.

Jesus Christ 7
Who is this man? Is He the Son of God or just an historical figure. Study the facts.

Jesus Christ Video
Who is Jesus? Why did He come? What does He have to do with me? Find info from this great video.

Jesus Fish
Why do I see this symbol so often? Where did it come from and what does it signify?

Jesus Is God
What did the early church believe about Jesus’ deity? Is this in line with what the Da Vinci code says?

Jesus Loves Me
The song, “Jesus Loves Me” is a well-known children’s hymn. But is it true? Does Jesus really love me? Read lyrics.

Jesus Loves Me Video
The Salvation Army shares an audition of Charlie Green singing the classic children's song.

Jesus Loves the Little Children
What inspiration is behind this song? Learn about the writer and composer of this beloved children’s song.

Jesus is the Only Way
Did Jesus claim to be the only way to heaven? What does the Bible say? What about those who have never heard?

Jesus is the Only Way Video
Mike Licona answers this age-old question -- Is Jesus the only way to heaven? Find out his evidence.

John 3:16
In any Bible translation, in any language, the message from God is clear and simple. Discover His boundless love today.

John 3:16 Video
What does this verse say? Listen to this presentation. It's a message understood by children.

Joseph in the Bible
Learn about the 2 most prominent biblical Josephs. What can we learn from these two men? Did God honor them?

Journaling Writing your heart to God is a form of worship. Seek God in solitude, and hear His whispers in your life.

Judging Others
How can we help others with sin and remain non-judgmental in attitude? What does the Bible say about this difficult topic?

Knowing God
Is it possible to truly know God? Can I understand His attributes? Study this verses to gain more understanding.

Knowing God Video
Randall Niles discusses the Ultimate Pursuit of Life. What is it? What is the meaning of life?

Learning To Forgive
Is forgiveness a natural reaction or a learned response? Learn where true forgiveness originates. We have been given direction.

Learning to Forgive Video
One week before the dedication of the Gospel of Luke, three hundred homes in the village of Bambalang, Cameroon, were burned by a neighboring village. How did they react?

Listening To God
Do you desire to learn God’s will? Do you desire to live a life of purpose? Listen to your Father in Heaven.

Listening to God Video
Are you still enough to hear God's voice? Does He talk to you through the day and you don't even notice?

Love Of God
Is the Creator a God of Love? God's Love revealed. God's Love foretold. God's Love manifested through His only Begotten Son.

Love Thy Neighbor
This is the call of every Christian life but how can we love those that we don’t even like?

Love of God Video
Sing along and worship with Destinysong. Learn about the love of God and what makes it unique.

Marital Intimacy
Does the Bible give any pointers on how to rediscover an intimate relationship with your spouse?

Mary Magdalene And The Holy Grail
Do the holy grail claims made in The Da Vinci Code stand up to critique? Study the evidence and make an informed decision.

Men's Bible Study
Here's a look at Christian men and their unique roles within the Body of Christ.

Men's Ministry
How can our church start a group especially for men? We want to utilize their talents and help them grow.

Who was this man and why is he important to our world today? What can we learn from him?

Missing Books Of The Bible
Are the non-canonical works more reliable as a sources of information about Jesus? Are they historically reliable? Find out!

Find practical tips for modest dressing in today’s world and society. Dressing respectfully is possible even with today’s styles!

Nag Hammadi
Learn more about these documents. Are they true? Are they inspired? Do they contain hidden evidence about Jesus?

Names Of God
God uses many names in the Bible which explain His nature, character and the way He cares for us.

Names of God Video
How should you use God's name? OMG? The names of God describe who He is, and should not be relegated to a verbal tick.

Nature Of God
The character and attributes of God are seen in our natural world. Stop and smell the roses.

Nature of God Video
Participate in the worship song, Tear Down the Walls. It is shared by the group Worship mob and BraveWorld studios.

Omnipotent God
What does omnipotence mean? How does it relate to God? Is God really all-powerful? Find helpful information here.

Omnipresence of God
Learn about God's omnipresence and how it impacts you. What does it mean? What does the Bible say about this attribute?

Omnipresence of God Video
I Will Not Fear by The Destinysong Project. What does it mean that God will not leave you? Will He always be there?

Omniscience of God
What is this attribute of God? Does God really know all things? Find out what the Bible says about this attribute.

Once Saved, Always Saved
What is the theological basis for the concept of eternal security? Study the evidence presented in the Bible.

Open Theism
Study the major points on this theological position and discover what the Bible says about the foreknowledge of God.

Opus Dei
Is The Da Vinci Code’s version of this organization true? Are the claims made in the book accurate?

Orphan Sunday
Whose responsibility is it to care for orphans and widows? Learn how to prioritize this cause.

Orphan Sunday Video
What is Orphan Sunday? Francis Chan shares what it means to defend the cause of the fatherless.

Orphanage Outreach
As believers, we're called to care for the widows and orphans. Here's a place to start.

Orphanage Outreach Video
This touching video by Eric Ludy called Depraved Indifference shares his heart for orphans and the least of these.

Overcoming Guilt
What does the Bible say about overcoming shame and guilt? Find out here and get lasting help.

Pastors' Wives
The wives of pastors have special needs. They're behind the scenes, but often called to big responsibilities.

Personal Spiritual Growth
How can I grow in my faith with God? What must I do to grow in God? Find answers here.

Personal Spiritual Growth Video
Find out how to know God and grow in him. What are these simple steps to growth?

Plan Of Salvation
God's entire plan for humanity is summed up in the death and resurrection of His Son.

Plan of Salvation Video
Is it possible to know God? What is the plan to receive eternal life in heaven?

Praise And Worship
Worship can be expressed in many ways and places. We are just called to sacrificially give of ourselves.

Praise and Worship Video
What is your part in worship? Are you missing the blessing of worshiping God?

Praising God
Thanking and adoring the Heavenly Father for His goodness and grace. Learn the importance of praise and implement it into your life.

Prayer Of Forgiveness
We've all broken God's holy standards. Here's the way to escape His punishment.

Prayer Of Salvation
Jesus Christ gave His life for you and me. That's the gift that we can receive or reject.

Prayer of Salvation Video
Glen Scrivener tells the Story of God, the World and You in three simple steps... 3, 2, 1. What is the message?

Does God see into the future and elect some to be His followers? Understand this concepts here.

Problem Of Evil
Why is this such a barrier for so many that reject God? How do we reconcile the evil in the world?

Prodigal Son
God is ready to welcome us home into His loving and open arms. Return to Him.

Prodigal Son Part 2
Many rebels feel that they've lost any hope to return to God. This parable declares that no rebellion is too great.

Prodigal Son Video
A son takes his inheritance and leaves his home and loving father only to discover that his idea of freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. What is this story all about?

Promises of God
Do all the promises in the Bible relate to you? Can you claim them as your own? Find out.

Qualities of a Good Person
Are you a nice person? Do you fit into the “qualities” of a true friend? Are you good enough? Find out here.

Quiet Time
Make a daily appointment with God and grow in your personal relationship with Him. Learn how to hear His voice.

Quiet Time 2
God longs to spend time with you. Be creative and come ready to hear what He has to say.

Quiet Time Video
What is the importance of digging into God Word and spending time in prayer? Francis Chan shares.

Relationship with God
Is it possible to have a relationship with the creator of the universe? Find helpful information on what this relationship was designed to be like.

Role of Husband in the Bible
How does the Bible describe the role of a husband in marriage? How is it defined? Study the passages here.

Role of the Wife in the Bible
What is the role given to the wife in a Christian household? Learn from the woman in Proverbs 31.

Role of the Wife in the Bible Video
The Bible says, A wise woman builds her house. What does that mean? Lisa Bevere explains.

Roman Road
What's the roman road in the Bible? How does it apply to you and me today?

Roman Road To Salvation
The end of the road is eternity. How will you exit the highway of life?

Salvation Prayer
Can we earn salvation? Can we buy it? No, it's a gift to anyone who believes and repents.

Self-Existent God
What does this word mean? How does this word help describe God. Is this an attribute of God? Find out here.

Self-Sufficient God
What is this attribute of God all about? What does it mean? What is the biblical support?

Read one young man’s story of how he battled selfish feelings. How did his situation work out? What did he learn?

Servant Leadership
Leaders in the Body of Christ aren't there because of traditional leadership criteria.

Servant Leadership 2
A review of Christ's principles of leadership that He demonstrated throughout scripture.

Seven Deadly Sins
What makes these sins deadly? Why these seven? Discover more info on these sins and their significance.

Share Jesus Without Fear
Learn how to tell your friends and neighbors about God’s gift of eternal life. It is the most precious account you can share!

Share Jesus Without Fear 2
Are you afraid of rejection or embarrassment? Learn how to put these things behind you and have boldness in sharing.

Share Jesus Without Fear Video
Why do we not share our faith? Why is it important to understand apologetics? Find out in this video.

Sin Of Pride
A study of King Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Learn about their proud spirit and how God dealt with them.

Sin Of Pride 2
A study of King Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar. Learn about their proud spirit and how God dealt with them.

Sin Of Pride 3
Do you seek to develop a humble spirit? Are you struggling with arrogance? Discover how you can transform a proud spirit.

Sin Of Pride 4
Do you seek to develop a humble spirit? Are you struggling with arrogance? Discover how you can transform a proud spirit.

Sin Of Pride 5
What motives lie behind a proud spirit? Why is it so difficult to defeat? Learn how to develop humility in your day-to-day life.

Sinner's Prayer
We're all sinners separated from God. It's the gift of Jesus that bridges the gap.

Sleep in the Bible
Why do our bodies need sleep? Does the Bible say anything about it? Does God use sleep and insomnia for His purposes?

Small Group Bible Study
Small groups are a wonderful place to share, pray, study and celebrate. Join one or create one today.

Small Group Bible Study 2
A small group is a great place to connect and share life together. Here’s how you start.

Small Group Bible Study Video
Bobby shares O.B.S.E.R.V.A.T.I.O.N.S. on Bible study. What does observation mean?

Sovereignty of God
What is sovereignty and how is it one of God's attributes? What does the Bible say about it and what verses back it up?

Speaking In Tongues
When did the gift of tongues first manifest itself? What does it mean for us today?

Speaking In Tongues 2
What are the issues and controversies with this spiritual gift?

Spiritual Growth
How can I implement the Fruit of the Spirit in my life to better display a Christ-like testimony to those around me?

Spiritual Growth Video
Randall Niles reviews the number one evidence for the Christian faith, a transformed life.

Spiritual Healing
How can a pastor or ministry leader search out help for spiritual healing?

Spiritual Leadership
Leading as a servant by following the example of Jesus Christ. Humility is necessary for every leader – in business and in the church.

Story of Lucifer
Discover the story behind this fallen angel. What caused his demise from glory? What is his current status?

The Bible and Food
Is there a specific purpose for food? What does the Bible say about food and drink? Fine helpful information.

The Internet is for Porn? No! The Internet is for God!
The Internet is for Porn? No! The Internet is for GOD! Stream this short and hilarious music video we just completed! Millions of people have watched the infamous World of Warcraft video, "The Internet is for Porn." Instead, watch our remake of this video and know the truth: The Internet is for GOD!

The Passion Of Christ
Discover the facts behind this film. What does it have to do with you?

The Rapture
What will the world look like right before this spiritual event occurs? You might be surprised.

The Rapture Video
What if you had just 7 days until Jesus returns? What would you do? Who would you tell?

The Roman Road
Where can you find a clear presentation of the Gospel to share? Here you go…

The Second Coming
The literal return of Jesus to earth to be King and rule for a thousand years. Are you prepared?

Why does the trinity matter in Christianity? Why is it necessary? What is it? Learn biblical truths here.

Trinity Doctrine
Is the Trinity mentioned in the Bible? Is the Trinity grounded in the Bible?

Trinity Video
Dr. Schniffenhousen explains the Trinity -- how God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are three in one.

True Friendship
What are the qualities of a genuine friend? What type of friend do you want to be? Discover the answers!

True Friendship Video
Tommy and Eddie sit down to talk about their longstanding friendship and what it means to be a great friend. What is the meaning of friendship?

True Name of God
What does God want to be called? Why is it important to know? Find helpful and biblical information here.

Trust in God
How do we trust Him? What does it mean? This represents a critical anchor during hard times.

Trust in God Video
Sacrifice is much easier when we believe that God is worthy of our trust. Listen as Sheila Walsh explains.

Understanding God
Is it possible to fully understand God and His ways? Are there things about Him we can understand? Find helpful information.

Understanding The Bible
Biblical comprehension is based on a simple plan for reading the Bible each day. Start now.

Understanding the Bible Video
One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it.

Unpardonable Sin
Is there a sin that is unforgivable? How do I know if I have committed it?

Unpardonable Sin Video
We serve a forgiving God, so what is the unforgivable sin? Watch this message by Pastor Greg Laurie.

Victory in Jesus
I heard an old, old story, how a Savior came from glory. How He gave His life on Calvary to save a wretch like me...

Was Jesus Married
What evidence exists that Jesus was married? Study the claims made in The Da Vinci Code and find the truth.

Water Baptism
What is the purpose of this church tradition? Is it rooted in the Bible?

What Does God Look Like?
An old man, sitting on a throne, white beard, and busy hair? Is this accurate? What does the Bible say about God's appearance?

What Is Sin
Has everyone sinned? Can all be forgiven of their individual sins?

What is Love
How would you define the concept of love? Does it have personal significance to you? Does it affect your life?

What is Sin Video
What is sin exactly? People talk about it all the time, but what is at the root of sin?

What is a Christian?
People use the term Born Again Christian, but what does it mean? Is it a biblical term? What is a Christian?

What is the Gospel
What is the Gospel message? What is the good news and bad news? Find out here.

What is the Gospel Video
Hear a Gospel presentation from Dare 2 Share and rap artist Propaganda. Six words to communicate the Gospel message.

When I Call on Jesus
This song’s words speak to hearts and give us much to consider. Find help for a hurting heart by calling on Jesus.

Where Is God?
The ultimate question of life and eternity. How can we know God exists? How can we relate to Him?

Who Is God?
This ultimate question directly influences your entire life. How do you answer this question? Discover the truth now.

Who is God Video
Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is ultimate reality? How do you answer that question? How does our culture today answer that question?

Why Is There So Much Evil In The World Video
Watch this short video answer now! Why is there so much evil in the world? Why is this question the ageless stumbling block to God?

Wisdom of God
What is this attribute of God? How was it at work in the Bible? Find help in understanding the wisdom of God.

Wonderful Wizard of Oz Video
What do the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, and Oz have to do with the Question of God? Stream this video clip now!

Workplace Ethics
Isn’t it enough to just “show up” at work? What’s the big deal if I slough off sometimes?

We're called to worship God in Spirit and Truth. What does that really mean?

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Basics Make Sense
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Bible Credibility?
All About GOD - How does the star light fit into the creation account? When the earth is less than 10,000 years old, the numbers don't add up.

Contradictions in the Bible
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Hell is Not Real
All About GOD - What is Hell and why should I believe in eternal damnation? If I go there, will I be given a second chance?

What is the Meaning of Life?
All About GOD - You can choose to live your life with God or without God. Which will you choose? Make an educated decision.

Jesus Existed
All About GOD - Was Jesus just a great teacher, a prophet, or the Savior of the world? Find the answer here.

Jesus Was God?
All About GOD - Is Jesus really 100% God? If so, how could He also be 100% man? Is that really possible?

What About Those Who Never Hear?
All About GOD - Do some people have an unfair disadvantage to receiving salvation? What if they never hear? How is that fair?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?
All About GOD - The answer to this difficult question can be found here. Learn why God allows suffering now.

Why Do We Have Free Will?
All About GOD - Are you confused about free will and your ability to make decisions for yourself? Why did God create us that way?

Only Way To Heaven?
All About GOD - Why do Christians say that Jesus is the only way to heaven? Why would God make it so limited?

Are Prophecies Real?
All About GOD - Were the prophecies of the Bible made up or are they genuinely predicting the coming Messiah? Learn the facts.

Which Religion is Right?
All About GOD - Is Christianity a religion, a denomination, or a relationship? Understand the concept of life with Jesus Christ.

Am I Good Enough?
All About GOD - What is required for salvation from sin? What if I've done some pretty bad things? What do I do?

Why Should I Trust the Bible?
All About GOD - Is the Bible credible and reliable? Does it have any relevance to my life since it is so old? Study the facts here.

Was God Bored?
All About GOD - Was God bored? Is that why He created man? Discover the answer to this intriguing question and many more!

What Happens to Babies When They Die?
All About GOD - What is the age of accountability and how does it relate to babies going to heaven?

Many Ways to God
All About GOD - Aren't there ways to heaven from all sincere religions? Why is Christianity the only way to eternal life in heaven?

Why Did God Create?
All About GOD - Discover why God created a big universe instead of just creating Earth. Learn how the fine-tuned elements of the universe work together.

Why Did God Create Evil?
All About GOD - Are you stumped by this age-old question: Why did God create evil? Learn the answer here!

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All About GOD - Bible Concordance: Migron - Mysteries Topical Index

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All About GOD - Bible Concordance: Naamah - Nurse Topical Index

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