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Abide in Christ - What does it mean to have this sort of relationship and fellowship with God? How does the Holy Spirit makes this possible?

Angel Picture - Do angels really act as our individual guardians? A look at Scripture and the various roles angels play in our lives.
Annihilationism - What is this doctrine of hell? Is it a biblical possibility? What verses speak of hell and God’s view of sin?
Armor of God - What is this armor and why did God give it to Christians? What is the battle all about? Study Ephesians 6 here.
Baptism In The Holy Spirit - Define and identify this theology. What does it mean and who does it apply to? What does the Bible say?
Baptism in the Holy Spirit Video - What is the evidence of the Holy Spirit's indwelling in the life of the believer? Find out here.
Be Still and Know that I am God - What does this phrase mean? How does it apply to us? Find out how implementing it can change your life.
Be Still and Know that I am God Video - If we claim Christian as our title, how often do we spend time with the one whose name we bear?
Bible and Gender - What does the Bible say about marriage, family, and gender? Find out through this study of the topic.
Bible Concordance - An alphabetical index of Hebrew and Greek words used in the Bible. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and other reference tools.
Bible Facts - Discover interesting facts about the Bible. What are the key verses and how are the books arranged?
Bible Facts Video - How well do people know the Bible and events from the Bible? Enjoy this video and see.
Bible Help - God wants us to understand His Word. Here are some insights, tools and study helps. Ask your questions here.
Bible Help Video - One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it. Learn here.
Bible Questions - A committed and credible source for bible-based answers. Check out the most frequently asked questions and start exploring the answers.
Bible Questions Video - Mark Mittelberg reveals the questions that challenge many Christians. What are they?
Bible Reading Plan - Do you want to begin reading the Bible? Discover how to implement a system that works well for you.
Bible Scripture - What's the basis for all those Christian terms used by teachers today? If true, they must be grounded in the Bible!
Bible Scripture Video - Do you have an appetite for the Bible? Bobby share how to cultivate a appetite for studying the Bible.
Bible Stories for Kids - Consider these helpful tips when sharing God’s Word with children. Jesus spent time sharing truth with children and was a great example.
Bible Verses - Investigate the facts of the Bible. Review the purpose of the Bible. Understand the power of the Bible.
Bible Verses on Love - Read verses about God’ love for us, our love for God, and our love for each other.
Bible Verses on Love Video - What is love, and why is it called the greatest virtue? John Stonestreet and Timothy George explain.
Book Of Genesis - The Book of Beginnings. The Biblical Record and the impact of modern geologic and biologic science. Recent discoveries that vindicate scripture.
Book of Genesis Video - What is the book of Genesis about? What are the major themes? Greg Laurie lays it out in this video.
Book Of John - The Evangelistic Gospel written to all people. The glorious scripture that reveals the truth of Jesus Christ. The wonderful Good News.
Brokenness - Is it part of healing? What does the Bible say about God’s love and how it relates to brokenness?
Brokenness Video - Bill once suffered from burnout and clinical depression so severe that he could do little more than get out of bed in the morning. How did he find hope?
Building a Christian Worldview - What do students believe? What is the distraction factor? How important is worldview in the life of teens?
Canon Of The Bible - Are the gospels historically reliable? What evidence supports this claim? Discover four facts about the reliability of the Gospels.
Carnal Christian - What does it mean to be a carnal Christian? What does the Bible say about this topic? What is the remedy?
Christ Follower - What characterizes a person who follows Jesus Christ? What makes them stand out? How does one gauge his or her heart?
Christ Follower Video - What does it mean to be a Christian and truly follow Jesus Christ? Find out through this video from Eric Ludy.
Christian Accountability - The act of being responsible for one’s actions. Having a support group or someone to hold you accountable is essential.
Christian Accountability Video - Why is accountability important? How does it help someone who has a difficult time resisting sinful behavior?
Christian Apologetics - Beware the trap of relying on one’s own intellectual abilities to try and wrestle someone into the kingdom of God.
Christian Apologetics Video - What is apologetics? Special Guest Dr. Frank Turek helps explain what Apologetics is and why we have it.
Christian Contentment - What does the Bible say about contentment? How do we accomplish contentment in a frazzled world? Learn more.
Christian Counseling - What is the difference between biblical counsel and secular counsel? Is there a difference in the focus of their treatment?
Christian Discipleship - The biblical history of the first twelve. A process of transformation. What it means to believers today.
Christian Discipleship Video - How do Jesus and the apostle Paul model a discipling relationship for us? Watch this video from John Ankerberg.
Christian Distractions - Do you allow media, music, and busy lives to distract you from things that are really important? Learn the importance of balance.
Christian Doctrine - Clearly presented doctrine from scripture. Simple explanations of justification and salvation. The gifts of grace and faith. What about good works?
Christian Doctrine Video - What are the essential Christian doctrines? Listen to this discussion and find out.
Christian Halloween - How can we respond to this celebration? Learn the history of Halloween and make an informed decision.
Christian Hypocrisy - What is hypocrisy? Why do all of us struggle with it? Discover what Jesus said about hypocrisy. Do you agree?
Christian Lifestyle - Wonder how to live this life? What does the Bible say? Find helpful insight. What does this life look like?
Christian Meditation - The history and practice of biblical meditation. How New Age gave it a bad name. What should we ponder each day?
Christian Mentor - Why is mentorship important in today's culture? What if the person I'm mentoring doesn't want to hear what I have to say?
Christian Parenting - Discover tips for training a child according to God's principles. What are the basics of discipline and instruction?
Christian Persecution Video - Release International met with Abigail, whose husband was murdered for his faith in God. How has she responded?
Christian Views on Cremation - Are you confused about what the Bible says about death, burial/cremation? Consider this summary and then pray about what is right for you.
Christmas Traditions - Find practical traditions to teach your children and the values behind these practices. Use Christmas to teach your child about the true reason we celebrate.
Christmas Traditions Video - Clive and Ian answer 12 questions of Christmas. Why do they call it Christmas?
Confession Of Sin - Why is it important to confess our sin and what does it accomplish? What is the outcome? Does God hear?
Crucified With Christ - What does this phrase mean? What is the verse referring to? Can we live without sin as God's children?
Crusades - Read summaries of each crusade and why they were fought. What is the motivation behind these fierce battles?
Da Vinci Code History - The historical credibility of the Da Vinci Code is based on documents from a secret society known as the Priory of Sion.
Da Vinci Code Proof - Evaluate how Dan Brown’s claims compare to the facts of history. What is fictional? Find the truth here.
Da Vinci Code Summary - Read a concise synopsis of this book and high budget film. What is the premise for the story?
Da Vinci Code Truth Video - This Totally ROCKS! Want a good laugh over all this Da Vinci Code movie stuff? There is so much stuff flying back and forth over the Davinci Code. Watch this short video clip!
Death and Heaven - Is there really life after death? Is there a place we go after we die? To know more. Read here.
Death and Heaven Video - What happens after death? Can we know for sure? What about heaven and hell? Do they exist?
Definition Of Sin - Morality and the constraints of human conscience. What are God's moral rules of conduct? A look at the ten commandments.
Deliverance Ministries - What is this ever popular concept? What do many deliverance ministries believe? What is the foundation? How does to those thoughts compare to the Bible?
Disappointment with God - Do you struggle with being disappointed in God? Do you wonder why things happen? Find help from the Bible.
Disciple Of Christ - Who is a true Christian? What does it mean to be "born again"? Jesus is more than Savior, He is Lord.
Disciple of Christ Video - Discipleship is about what a person actually does. What do your actions say about you?
Discipleship Definition - What does it mean to be a disciple? What is discipleship? Read some definitions here and see how they relate to you.
Do I Have To Be Baptized To Go To Heaven - What is the answer to this important question? Why is baptism important? Study the clear biblical evidence here.
Doctrine of Original Sin - Does every person have original sin built into our genetic makeup? Read this response to Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.
Easter Christian - What is this holiday all about? What is the history? Does the holiday have special significance to the Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus?
Evidence for the Christian Faith - Is there any real proof to back up what so many believe? What does the evidence say?
Evidential Apologetics* - Are you looking for the truth as to why skeptics and many Christians miss the mark? Are you tired of feel-good pabulum?
Faith Healing - Learn more about healing and what is involved. Where does our faith reside and who is the ultimate physician?
Faith in God - Is it possible to release all our fears and failures into God’s hands? See what the Bible says.
Faith in God Video - It might surprise some people, but none of us are total automatons. We all have faith in something, but what?
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made - What does the Bible mean when it uses this phrase? What makes each of us wonderful and fearfully made?
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Video - Affirm the Sacred and Defend Life. What does it mean that I am fearfully and wonderfully made?
Fighting Temptation - Are you struggling with yielding to temptations? Discover why these enticements exist and how to resist them.
Finding God - What brings someone to God? Read this man story of seeking truth and finding it through unusual circumstances.
Following Jesus - How is it possible to truly follow Christ? What is involved? Read the Bible verses about this topic.
Following Jesus Video - What can we learn from Jesus words -- Follow Me? Listen as Francis Chan explains.
Gap Theory - The background, position and problems with the Gap theory. The scriptural evidence against the theory. The doctrinal inconsistencies with the theory.
God Names - God's character, attributes and nature are revealed in His names. The names of God in the Bible's New Testament.
Goliath - Learn more about this man from Gath and his part in history. Do we have Goliaths in our lives today?
Good and Evil - What is evil? Does it exist? What is the ultimate truth about good and evil? Find out from this author.
Good and Evil Video - What is the purpose of good and evil? Norman Geisler describes the nature of evil to Bobby.
Gospel Of Mary - How important is this manuscript? Does it contain hidden information about Jesus and His ministry here on Earth?
Grace vs Works - Do we earn salvation or accept God's grace? Find out what the Bible says regarding this age-old controversy.
Grace vs Works Video - What is grace? Randall Niles looks at the Good News that sets the message of Jesus Christ apart from the other man-made, religious attempts to reconcile with God.
Greed - What is it and can it lead to self-destruction? Isn’t it just ambition or power? Learn the basics.
Growing in Christ - What does it mean to grow in our spiritual lives? How does that happen? Is there a formula?
Halloween Origins - How have various cultures around the world celebrated this holiday through the years? Where do our current practices originate? Find out here.
Hearing God's Voice - Discover ways to prepare your heart for listening through the Bible, prayer, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Honoring Parents - What does it mean to honor your parents? How is this exhibited in various cultures? What does it mean in your culture?
How Did Constantine Alter The Bible - Was the Bible compiled or altered by Constantine? What are the facts? Is The Da Vinci Code true?
How to Read the Bible - Are you a new student of God’s Word? Do you know where to start reading? Find helpful tips for understanding God’s Word.
I’d Rather Have Jesus - Read the lyrics of this famous hymn and discover the history behind it. What does the Bible say about the topics of this song?
I'd Rather Have Jesus Video - Listen as Cooper Ward sings the hymn that has touched many hearts. Would you rather have Jesus?
Inspirational Bible Verses - What are some verses to help people through hard times? Find verses to help with depression, grief, fear, and other life challenges.
Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation - Learn the answer to this important question. What is the purpose of baptism? Study the biblical evidence here.
Is Homosexuality A Sin - Learn what the Bible says about homosexuality. Is it condemned or accepted in the Bible? Have times changed God’s Word?
Is Oral Sex A Sin - Is it wrong for couples to have oral sex? Consider your reasons for doing it and ask yourself these important questions.
Is The Devil Real - Examine the evidence of a literal devil. Does he exist? What does he do and what is our response?
Jesus And Mary Magdalene Married - Does the Da Vinci Code present an accurate portrayal of the relationship between Jesus and Mary? Did they have a marriage relationship?
Jesus Christ Video - Who is Jesus? Why did He come? What does He have to do with me? Find info from this great video.
Jesus Fish - I see this symbol on cars, business cards, and guitar cases. What does it stand for? Where did it come from?
Jesus Is God - What did the early church believe about Jesus’ deity? Is this in line with what the Da Vinci code says?
Jesus is the Only Way - Is Jesus the only way to heaven? What about the people who have never heard about Jesus? Learn more.
Jesus is the Only Way Video - Mike Licona answers this age-old question -- Is Jesus the only way to heaven? Find out his evidence.
Jesus Loves Me - The song, “Jesus Loves Me” is a well-known children’s hymn. But is it true? Does Jesus really love me? Read lyrics.
Jesus Loves Me Video - The Salvation Army shares an audition of Charlie Green singing the classic children's song.
Jesus Loves the Little Children - What inspiration is behind this song? Learn about the writer and composer of this beloved children’s song.
Joseph in the Bible - Learn about the 2 most prominent biblical Josephs. What can we learn from these two men? Did God honor them?
Journaling - Journaling Writing your heart to God is a form of worship. Seek God in solitude, and hear His whispers in your life.
Knowing God's Will - Ascertaining the will of God starts with a neutral heart. Are you ready to hear what He has to say?
Knowing God's Will Video - Who do I marry? Am I supposed to take that job? Pepsi or Coke? Watch this video full of practical truth from The Skit Guys to find out how to know Gods will for your life.
Lamb Of God - The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The biblical foundation for the Messiah, Jesus Christ.
Listening To God - Do you desire to hear God’s voice, but don’t know how? Receive guidance and practical advice here.
Listening to God Video - Are you still enough to hear God's voice? Does He talk to you through the day and you don't even notice?
Lukewarm Christianity - Is your Christianity pink? Do you battle apathy? What is the cure for a relationship that is lukewarm?
Marital Intimacy - What part does intimacy have in the marriage relationship? How can you better meet the needs of your spouse?
Mary Magdalene And The Holy Grail - Do the holy grail claims made in The Da Vinci Code stand up to critique? Study the evidence and make an informed decision.
Meditating on God’s Word - What is meditation and why is it important in the life of a believer? Find insight from the Bible on this topic.
Mephibosheth - Who was this man and why is he important to our world today? What can we learn from him?
Mind of Christ - How do I develop the mind of Christ in my life? What does the term mean and what is the context Paul used it in?
Missing Books Of The Bible - Are the non-canonical works more reliable as a sources of information about Jesus? Are they historically reliable? Find out!
Modesty - Discover helpful hints about dressing modestly and living a life of modesty in today’s world. Study tips for today’s living.
Nag Hammadi - Learn more about these documents. Are they true? Are they inspired? Do they contain hidden evidence about Jesus?
Once Saved, Always Saved - Do you question whether you can lose your salvation? Is this concept biblical? Study the evidence here.
Open Theism - Study this theological position. The main question is: “Does God know the future?” Find the answer and supporting Scriptures here.
Opus Dei - Is The Da Vinci Code’s version of this organization true? Are the claims made in the book accurate?
Overcoming Guilt - Is it possible to remove the guilty feelings I have experienced for years? Find out what the Bible says.
Personal Spiritual Growth - What does it mean to grow in God? What are the steps to take in growing with God? Search answers here.
Personal Spiritual Growth Video - Find out how to know God and grow in him. What are these simple steps to growth?
Prayer For Confession Of Sin - I am a good person. I don’t murder, cheat, or lie. What sins do I have to confess? Read why confession is important.
Predestination - Is there a higher intelligence that knows all, sees all, and is ever present? Increase your knowledge by reading more about it.
Quiet Time - Making a daily appointment with God will help this time of devotion become an important part of your day. Learn how.
Role of Husband in the Bible - How does the Bible describe the role of a husband in marriage? How is it defined? Study the passages here.
Role of the Wife in the Bible - What responsibilities are given to a wife? What does the Bible say? Find information about wives in the Bible.
Role of the Wife in the Bible Video - The Bible says, A wise woman builds her house. What does that mean? Lisa Bevere explains.
Sanctification - Learn how God sets apart a person, place, or thing in order that His purposes may be accomplished. Discover the facts.
Savior of the World Video - Enjoy worship music that focuses on Jesus, the Savior of the world. Who is Jesus to you?
Selfish - Read one young man’s story of how he battled selfish feelings. How did his situation work out? What did he learn?
Sex and the Bible - What is the Christian attitude toward sex? Consider this response directed to Sam Harris, author of the book Letter to A Christian Nation.
Sin Of Pride - Preoccupation with self. Learn the reasons behind having a proud heart, study examples from history, and learn how to combat it.
Slavery in the Bible - How do Christians explain the concept of slavery from Bible times? Consider this explanation given in response to author Sam Harris.
Sleep in the Bible - Does the Bible talk of sleep? Does it have a magical formula to cure insomnia and other sleep disorders?
Spiritual Growth - How does a Christian grow in their walk with Christ? What part does the Holy Spirit have in their development?
Spiritual Growth Video - Randall Niles reviews the number one evidence for the Christian faith, a transformed life.
Spiritual Leadership - Leading as a servant by following the example of Jesus Christ. Humility is necessary for every leader – in business and in the church.
Spiritual Maturity - The growth process of becoming more like Jesus Christ. It is an ongoing process of surrender and obedience. Begin growing now.
Spiritual Warfare - A reality of the Christian life. Learn how to combat the unseen forces of Satan with the armor of God.
Spiritual Warfare Video - You have got to see this skit on spiritual warfare with music from LifeHouse called Everything. THIS ROCKS!
Story of Lucifer - Study the biblical passages regarding Lucifer’s fall. What caused him to fall from glory? What is his current status?
Sufficiency of Christ - What is meant by this phrase? How can we rely solely on Christ and not ourselves? What is the key to victory?
Teaching Christian Worldview - What is worldview and why is it important to teach to our youth? Read an interview of John Stonestreet from Summit Ministries.
The Bible and Food - What does the Bible say about food? What is forbidden and what is allowed? Does God care what we eat?
The Cost Of Discipleship - Is it time to sit down and count the costs of truly following Christ? Here's a powerful devotion for all of us.
The Cost of Discipleship Video - When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be quite painful. What is His purpose?
The Internet is for Porn? No! The Internet is for God! - The Internet is for Porn? No! The Internet is for GOD! Stream this short and hilarious music video we just completed! Millions of people have watched the infamous World of Warcraft video, "The Internet is for Porn." Instead, watch our remake of this video and know the truth: The Internet is for GOD!
The Last Supper - What was the significance of this event before Jesus' death? What was His final message to His followers? Find out here.
The Rapture - What is this end-times event? When will it happen? What is the tribulation? Be secure in your knowledge and hope.
The Rapture Video - What if you had just 7 days until Jesus returns? What would you do? Who would you tell?
The Second Coming - The anticipated event when Jesus Christ returns to the earth to defeat evil and establish His reign of justice and peace.
Trinity - Learn about this doctrine and unexplained reality. What does it mean and how does it apply to you?
Trust in God - Trust in God; trust also in me. What does it mean? Learning this exhortation can be an anchor in difficult times.
Trust in God Video - Sacrifice is much easier when we believe that God is worthy of our trust. Listen as Sheila Walsh explains.
Unanswered Prayer - Does God really answer prayer? Find out if God listens and acts according to our prayers.
Understanding The Bible - Understanding the Bible starts with reading the Bible. A complex book with a simple message. Test it for yourself.
Understanding the Bible Video - One of the biggest reasons people don't read their Bible is because they don't how to go about doing it.
Unpardonable Sin - What is this unforgivable act? Can I commit it? What if I already have? Will God forgive me?
Unpardonable Sin Video - We serve a forgiving God, so what is the unforgivable sin? Watch this message by Pastor Greg Laurie.
Victory in Jesus - What is the meaning of this hymn of the faith? Is it possible to have victory through Jesus?
Was Jesus Married - What evidence exists that Jesus was married? Study the claims made in The Da Vinci Code and find the truth.
Water Baptism - Is Baptism required to get into heaven? An examination of scripture and a review of the controversy within the Christian church.
Ways To Pray - Learn various types of prayer and discover how to incorporate them into your daily prayer life and relationship with God.
What is Discipleship? - What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? How can I pass this information and relationship along to another person?
What is Discipleship Video - What does it mean to follow Christ, to be a disciple of Jesus? Jesus said to take up your cross and follow me.
What is Prayer? - Is there power in prayer or is it just repeating phrases over and over? Discover the key to effective prayer.
What Is Sin - Read a definition of sin and discover how it relates to your life. What is it and what does the Bible say?
What is Sin Video - What is sin exactly? People talk about it all the time, but what is at the root of sin?
When I Call on Jesus - Be reminded of the words behind this song. The lyrics speak volumes and the biblical example of Jesus gives us much to consider.
Why Should We Pray - Does God even hear us when we pray? How do we pray and what do we pray for?
Workplace Ethics - Does it appear that “profit at any cost” is more important than running an ethical, fair company?
Worldliness - What is worldliness? How is it described in the Bible? How does it compare to items of eternal value?

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? - We have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

What is your response?

Yes, today I am deciding to follow Jesus

Yes, I am already a follower of Jesus

I still have questions

Why Should God Let You In Heaven

How to Know God
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