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Abiogenesis - Abiogenesis refers to the concept that life can come from non-life. Is this notion feasible? Can inorganic compounds self-assemble to produce life?
Abiogenesis Video - Which came first? Randall Niles examines the chicken and egg paradox related to first life.
Age Of Earth - Why does the age of the Earth matter? What are the two worldviews? Are we being educated or indoctrinated?
Anatomical Homology - What is anatomical homology? Does it provide evidence for evolution? Are there any other explanations for anatomical homology?
Anatomical Homology Video - Evidence for common ancestry or a common design? Check out this great clip that covers one of the main arguments for Darwinian Evolution.
Anthropic Principle Video - What does the fine-tuning inherent in our universe say about the Big Bang, Origin of Life, and other theories? Stream this short video clip now!
Ape to Man - Did humans evolve from hominids? Are apes our newfound cousins? What is the missing link between hominids and humans in composition and structure?
Archaeopteryx - What is archaeopteryx? Is it a legitimate transition between reptiles and birds? Check out the facts!
Big Bang Theory - What is this theory based upon? What are the evidences and misconceptions? What is the scientific community saying?
Big Bang Theory Video - Stream this short video on the big bang theory. Explore alternatives to our ultimate question of origins. Where did life come from?
Carbon Dating - The premise, the method, and the controversy. What do scientists think about this popular dating method? Find out here!
Catastrophism - What does our earth reveal about our geologic history? What are the implications of such a discovery?
Cell Structure - As functionally complex as a small city, the cell is made up of multiple structures, each with a different operational role.
Cell Structure Video - Does design necessitates a Designer? Watch this creative video that challenges evolutionary thought.
Charles Darwin - His Evolutionary Theory of Origins. His family background and education. The HMS Beagle and Origin of Species. His lasting effect.
Charles Darwin - He proposed "Natural Selection" as the mechanism by which an original single-celled organism could have evolved into all known species.
Charles Darwin Video - Watch this short video clip on Charles Darwin and his infamous theory of evolution. Discover the truth today!
Charles Darwin Video - Check out this incredible video clip on the Bombardier Beetle! What is the best explanation for how its defense mechanism came into existence?
Chirality - What is it? Is it a problem for neo-Darwinism? How does chirality stand as a roadblock to origin-of-life research?
Co-option - Many Darwinists have attempted to get round the problem of irreducible complexity by appealing to the principle known as co-option. What is co-option?
Co-option Video - What is co-option? Co-option is a proposed solution to the problem of irreducibly complex machines inherent in living cells.
Complexity of a Cell - How has the complexity of the cell impacted biology and other sciences? Has it pushed the theory of evolution to answer new questions?
Complexity of Life Video - What does all the order and design inherent in nature mean? Is life a miracle? View this short video now!
Cosmic Fine Tuning - What is cosmic fine-tuning? How does cosmic fine-tuning provide evidence for God? Was the universe designed with us in mind? Get the facts now!
Cosmic Fine Tuning Video - What is it? The fine tuning argument is simply summarized in this new episode by guest Dr. William Lane Craig.
Cosmogony Video - What caused the Origin of Everything? What are the prevailing cosmogonies, theories, and philosophies of the day?
Cosmological Arguments - What does this argument state? Does it help prove the existence of God and the origin of life? Find out here.
Creation - How does your view of creation and evolution shape your worldview and the way you view your life? Find out here.
Creation Evidence - Is there any evidence for a supernatural creation? Study the evidence that discredits evolutionary theory.
Creation Evidence Video - Fundamental Forces. Randall Niles examines the awesome miracle of the four fundamental forces in science: Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Force, and Weak Force.
Creation Evolution Video - Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. Evidence for Evolution in the Creation vs Evolution Debate? Check out this great clip that covers one of the main arguments for Darwinian Evolution.
Creation Of Life - Producing traces of amino acids in a laboratory is far from creating biological systems. Life is truly a miracle.
Creation Origins - How do evolutionary origins and creation origins compare? How are they similar? How are they different?
Creation Video* - Who is the greatest artist of all time? We all have different opinions, but perhaps the answer is more obvious than we think.
Creation vs Evolution Video - An awesome video clip of a Giraffe. Did it evolve or was it created? What is the best explanation for this incredible creature? You decide. Find out what the experts think about this.
Creation Vs. Evolution - The definitions. The debate. The evidence. The challenge. A review of cosmic, chemical, stellar, planetary, organic, micro and macro evolution.
Creation Vs. Evolution - The definitions. The debate. The evidence. The challenge. A review of cosmic, chemical, stellar, planetary, organic, micro and macro evolution.
Dark Energy - What is dark energy? How is it an example of fine-tuning? Does the presence of dark energy and dark matter support theistic design?
Darwin Day - What does this day signify? Why is there a celebration? What are we celebrating? Find out the significance of this day.
Darwin Theory of Evolution Video - What is Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Four-winged fruit flies, genetic mutation, and morphology as proof for Evolutionary Theory.
Darwin Video - Charles Darwin and a look at the Galapagos Finches, which provide some of the greatest evidence for Natural Selection and the Theory of Evolution.
Darwin's Theory Of Evolution - What claims did Darwin make. How do they stand up to the latest arguments and evidences? Consider the facts.
Darwin's Theory Video - Stream a short video on this theory. See the incredible advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics since Charles Darwin.
Dawkins and Religion Video - Randall Niles looks at Richard Dawkins and the growing argument against parents teaching their children certain religions. When will Christianity be deemed child abuse requiring government intervention?
Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth - Just how strong are Dawkins’ arguments? Does he present anything new? Do his claims stand up when subjected to careful scrutiny?
Design in Nature - Is the design hypothesis nothing more than an illusion as Dawkins states? Find out the facts here.
Dinosaur Extinction - What happened to the dinosaurs? What do the facts reveal? Study the latest concepts and evidence for the disappearance of the dinosaurs.
DNA and Computers Video - What is the greatest scientific discovery ever? What do we know about the digital code inherent in all living things? Watch this incredible video clip now!
DNA Code - How does computer code and DNA Code compare? What similarities are there? What is the importance of the compiler?
DNA Complexity - What is DNA and what makes it such an intricate message system? How did it originate?
DNA Double Helix - The DNA double helix is a great scientific discovery. Does it point to an act of randomness or divine intervention?
DNA Double Helix Video - Watch this awesome video clip of the spinning DNA double helix. Does it point to an act of random evolution or intelligent design? See the process of transcription and translation. You be the judge. What do the experts think?
DNA Molecule - Organic life is based on vastly complex information code. Like today's complex software codes, such information cannot arise by chance.
DNA Replication - For replication, cells depend on a process known as DNA replication. Where did this elegant mechanism come from? Did it arise by naturalistic means?
DNA Structure - The molecular constituents of DNA appear to have optimized chemical properties to produce a stable helical structure. What properties are finely-tuned?
DNA Structure Video - What is the structure? The DNA structure consists of two chainlike molecules (polynucleotides) that twist around each other to form the classic double-helix.
Does God Exist - Based on the latest scientific evidence, has atheism become a greater leap of faith than theism? Check out the evidence for the existence of God here!
Endoplasmic Reticulum - What is the endoplasmic reticulum? How does the endoplasmic reticulum facilitate quality control? How does the endoplasmic reticulum suggest design?
Evidence for Creation - What is the evidence for creation? How was the universe crafted? What there an intelligent designer? Learn here.
Evidence For Evolution - The unsupported icons of evolution still found in today's textbooks, including homology, embryology, observed natural selection, and the fossil record.
Evidence For Evolution Video - Check out this unbelievable video clip of a Giraffe. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain this incredible creature? What do experts think about this?
Evidence For Intelligent Design - Phenomenal discoveries in the last few decades have unequivocally demonstrated that living systems are machines at the deepest, molecular level.
Evidence for Intelligent Design Video - What brought everything into existence? Is there a purpose and plan involved? What is the origin of life?
Evolution - Why do scientists believe? What are the facts? Study this essay that explains why scientists continue to believe in this theory.
Evolution And The Fossil Record - With over 100 million fossils of 250,000 different species, the gaps in the so-called transitional chain are now undeniable.
Evolution Of Man - All humans originate from an ape-like ancestor that existed a few million years ago. Learn the concepts of this theory.
Evolution of Man Video - Who was Darwin and what are the arguments regarding his theory? What is natural selection and how does it play into what Charles Darwin believed?
Evolution of Sex - Sex is an extremely inefficient way to reproduce as compared to asexual reproduction. Where did sex come from? How did it evolve?
Evolution of Sex Video - The origin and subsequent maintenance of sex and recombination is a phenomena not easily explained by Darwinian evolution. What is the problem?
Evolution Theories - What a person believes about evolution theories depends on what meaning he associates with the term, evolution. Why?
Evolution Timeline Video - What are the phases of evolution in naturalistic history? Are there interrelated stages in the evolution timeline? Check this short video out!
Evolution Video - What is the evidence from Embryology. Here's a clip from my buddies at Coldwater Media looking at Animal Embryos as evidence for Evolution.
Evolution Vs Creation Video - Watch this incredible video clip of the Lampsilis Mussel. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this mussel? What do experts think about this?
Evolution Vs Creation - The Great Debate over the Model of Origins: the theories, contentions, and evidence. The lack of evidence and the resolution.
Evolutionary Perspective Video - Are there philosophical leaps in evolutionary science? How does evolution deal with the first organisms that arose by chance? You gotta stream this video!
Evolutionism - Are the suggested evolutionary phases valid? A review of cosmic, stellar, chemical, planetary, organic, macro and micro evolution.
Existence of God Video - Can we make a case for God’s reality? Can we use scientific evidence to prove that God exists? Check out this video clip!
Fossil Dating - How are fossils dated? How does the geological column date fossils? What is the process?
Fossil Record - Since Darwin put forth his evolutionary theory, scientists have sought fossil evidence indicating past organic transitions. Where's the evidence leading?
Frog Soup Video - What do frogs in blenders reveal about the complexity of life? Is life really a miracle? You have to check out this short video clip!
Geologic Time Scale - Explanation of it and some of the common misconceptions and issues regarding the supposed proof of the theory of evolution.
God Did It - Is the notion that God Did It even allowed in mainstream science? Do faith and science conflict? Study this great article.
God The Creator - A lyrical version of the beginning of time and how God created the universe and all that is in it.
God the Creator Video - Stars and Galaxies. Randall Niles returns to the utter awe of the cosmos -- from David, to Galileo, to Hubble.
Hardware of Life - What can we learn from the irreducible complexity and fine tuning of nature? How does it merge with science?
Homology Video - Homology Theory. Evidence for common ancestry or a common design? Check out this great clip that covers one of the main arguments for Darwinian Evolution, Homology Theory.
How Does Carbon Dating Work - What is the controversy over carbon dating? Is it an accurate test? Find out here.
How Does DNA Work - What is DNA and how does it work? Which came first, DNA or proteins? Find out what a predicament that is.
How Old Is The Earth? - Historical thoughts and modern evidence. Uniformitarianism and evolutionary theory. DNA and fossil evidence. Natural chronometers pointing to a Young Earth.
Human Eye - A perfect and interrelated system of about 40 individual subsystems, including the retina, pupil, iris, cornea, lens, and optic nerve.
Human Eye Function Video - What do organic subsystems reveal about Irreducible Complexity and Intelligent Design? Why is the human eye impossible? Stream this video clip now!
Images of Nature - Do the intricacies of nature provide proof of a Designer? View pictures and Scriptures here.
Impact of Charles Darwin - Who was Darwin and how did he influence the world around him? How is he still impacting today’s society?
Intelligent Design - An examination of mechanical and biological machines. Spontaneous generation vs. concept and design. The fantastic complexity at the molecular level.
Intelligent Design Theory - Does design necessitate a designer? Is the design inherent in biological systems merely an accidental product of natural selection?
Intelligent Design Video - Watch this extraordinary video clip of mechanical and biological machines. See the fantastic complexity of life at the molecular level. Does it point to an act of random evolution or design? What do the triple PhD's and experts think about this?
Intelligent Design vs Evolution - Intelligent Design is the theistic answer to mainstream science, while Darwinian evolution is the creation story of atheism. Is there a compromise?
Interdependence and Symbiosis Video - Randall Niles thinks about the symbiotic relationships throughout our world and the process of Co-Evolution that would have been required.
Irreducible Complexity - Complex organs and microscopic machines exist which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications. Darwin was right.
Is God a Delusion Video - Is there a scientific or philosophical approach to establishing that God is no delusion? What would Dawkins say? You gotta stream this short video now!
Is there Order in the Universe - Are there unexplained phenomena that baffle scientists? Is there order where there should be chaos? Or vice versa?
Junk DNA - What is junk DNA? Does junk DNA provide evidence for evolution? How does the theory of intelligent design account for non-coding DNA?
Large Hadron Collider Experiment - Learn about one of the most profound scientific projects ever conceived. What is the purpose and intent of this experiment?
Large Hadron Collider Experiment Video - What is the The ultimate intent of the LHC? It is to help scientists understand the nature of matter at the moment the cosmos was created.
Many Worlds Hypothesis - Are there objections, implications, and poor logic involved here? Consider these thoughts by RC Metcalf.
Materialism - Materialism is a worldview based on a naturalistic understanding of reality. What are the concepts of materialism?
Materialism Video - What's invisible? More than you think. Learn from this TED education video.
Microscopic Organisms - If the first, simple organisms created on prebiotic earth are at the foundation of evolutionary thinking, then what's a "simple" organism?
Miller and Urey Video - How do we get from the sparks of life created by Miller and Urey to the miracle of complex life? Check out this short video clip now!
Mind Over Matter Video - Randall Niles examines the truth that intelligence is always responsible for information. Evolution tells us that Matter is responsible for Mind.
Miracle Of Life - The probability of life arising by chance is comparable to 1050 blind people solving a Rubik's Cube at the same moment.
Missing Link in Evolution - Is there a missing link? Is there an ape-man that will be discovered in the future?
Multiverse - The multiverse principle suggests that our universe is but a small component of a vast assemblage of universes. Is this proposal backed by the facts?
New Proteins - One of the foundational postulates of modern neo-Darwinian theory is that the basic raw materials of evolution are produced by random mutations. But how plausible is this modern synthesis?
Origin Of Life - The rise and fall of Spontaneous Generation. Francesco Redi. Louis Pasteur. Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory. The continuing misrepresentation.
Origin Of Life - Science teaches that organic life sprung from non-organic matter through a natural mechanistic process on a pre-biotic earth.
Origin of Life Video - Stream this short video clip on the huge question of origins. Do you know what you believe and can you back it up with evidence?
Origin of Man Theories - What are the dominant theories? Are there missing links? Have they been discovered? Dig into this topic here.
Origin Of Species - Darwin's classic work and the foundation of evolutionary theory. Natural selection in theory and practice. Check out the latest science.
Origin of Species Video - Check out this incredible video clip of the Lampsilis Mussel. Is there a logical explanation for how evolution could explain the creation of this mussel?
Origin of the Cosmos Video - Randall Niles reviews the two major cosmogonies: 1) Something Did It OR 2) It Did Itself.
Origin Of The Universe - The atheist mechanisms for all that we see. The Big Bang and Inflation Universe Theories. The Evolutionary Theories. A Critique.
Origin Of The Universe - A speck of infinite density appeared from no where, for no reason, only to start expanding all of a sudden.
Origin Of The Universe Video - You have to see this incredible video clip on origins. Are you a creationist or an evolutionist? How does what you believe about this impact your other beliefs?
Origin of the Universe Video - What is the origin of the universe? What is the answer to this age-old question? Find out here.
Problems With The Fossil Record - Based on Darwin's own words, his theory of macro-evolutionary progression fails if we don't find evidence in the fossil record.
Proof of God Video - Check out this short video clip! Is God real? Is it possible to prove that God exists? Does the universe and earth hold any proof of God? You have to watch this incredible evidence!
Punctuated Equilibrium Video - How can we use philosophical conjecture to fill the gaps in the fossil record? What theories are the scientists using? Stream this short video clip now!
Radiometric Dating - A questionable method for establishing the old age of rocks. The unreliable basis for the Geologic Time Scale of earth.
Radiometric Dating Techniques - What are the three basic assumptions fundamental to every radiometric dating technique? Find out here.
Richard Dawkins - What are the main points of the book The God Delusion? Find out through the author's 6 point summary.
RNA World - What is the RNA world hypothesis? How does the RNA-first model attempt to account for the DNA-protein chicken-and-egg paradox?
Schrodinger - Is the cat dead or alive? See how this man’s theory still has relevance in our life today.
Science - Science and theology? While one can certainly inform the other, one may not be misused to trump the other.
Science and Faith - Can science and faith coexist? Does faith undergird scientific knowledge? What about faith in materialism? Learn here.
Science and Intelligent Design - What is the connection between these two concepts? Is there design in the machine of life?
Science and the Big Bang Theory - What is this theory of the origin of the universe? Are there fundamental problems to this theory?
Scientific Method - What is the scientific method? How do our worldviews shape the way in which we interpret evidence?
Second Law of Thermodynamics - Laws of Heat Power. Law of Increased Entropy. Order to disorder, randomness and chaos. The birth of our universe.
Second Law of Thermodynamics Video - Watch this awesome video clip on the huge number of perfect settings needed to sustain life on earth. Are these things random happenstance or designed? You decide!
SETI Project Video - What impact does the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence have on Intelligent Design Theory? Has anything been discovered? Check this short video out!
Software of Life - What can we learn from these blueprints? The density of the information encoded into DNA staggers the imagination!
Spontaneous Generation - How did the first organism arise by chance on our so-called "primitive planet?" How did a rock turn into life?
Stages of Evolution - What are the seven phases of evolution? Study each fundamental stage of this theory of origins.
Symbiosis - What is symbiosis? How is symbiosis explained by evolution? Does the concept of symbiosis cause problems for Darwinism?
Age Of The Earth - Young Earth vs. Old Earth. A study of Limiting Factors. Magnetic field. Earth rotation. Moon drift. Young is not unreasonable.
Age Of The Earth - Young earth or old earth model? Historical review of majority opinion. Radiometric dating. Natural chronometers pointing to a young earth.
The Cambrian Explosion - At the beginning of the geological era known as the Cambrian period, the majority of phyla appeared in a blink of an eye. What caused this Cambrian explosion?
The Cambrian Explosion Video - An abrupt appearance of a wide range of organisms, mainly invertebrates, with hard (fossilizable) parts in Cambrian strata, which mainstream scientists date from about 540 million years ago.
The Flood - The biblical story from Genesis. The universal traditions from all over the world. The dramatic, life-changing physical evidence.
The Flood Video - Randall Niles examines the evidence for the melt-off of the last ice age and the inconsistent evidence for ancient civilizations submerged at the time.
Theories of the Origin of the Universe - How do scientists explain our origins? Learn about the Big Bang Theory and other dominant scientific theories.
Theory Of Evolution - There were at least five fundamental stages of evolution that were required prior to any possibility of organic life.
Theory Of Relativity - The basics of Albert Einstein’s theory regarding gravitational phenomena. The assumptions and approximations.
Theory Of Relativity Video - Watch this amazing video clip on the incredible number of perfect settings required to sustain life on our planet. Could all of these factors happened by chance?
Theory of the Origin of Life - How do scientists explain the beginning of life? What is the foundation of today’s scientific worldviews?
Transitional Fossils - How many transitional fossils have been discovered? Is there a lack? What does it mean?
Uniformitarianism - The dominant geological paradigm for more than a hundred and fifty years. What are the claims? What are the evidences?
Uniformitarianism Video - Randall Niles explores scientific laws/truths that seem to be at odds with one another, such as entropy and evolution or quantum uncertainty, determinism, and free will.
Uniformitarianism, Catastrophism, and Geology - What are uniformitarianism and catastrophism? Read a basic summary of these geological doctrines and understand the concepts.
Watch Design Video - Does William Paley’s classic comparison of an organic cell to watch design apply in today’s Intelligent Design debate? View this short video now!
Who Made God? - Where did God come from? What does Dawkins say? Let’s consider this logically and come to a conclusion.
Who Made God Video - Causation and Infinite Regress. Randall Niles responds to the question, "Who Made God?" with a look at Thomas Aquinas and the necessity for a First Cause.
Why I Believe in God - In response to an atheist's question, this man answers the most important question. Why does he believe in God?

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? - We have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

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