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Big Bang and Evolution?

FAQ: Get With the Times! Doesn't the Big Bang and Evolutionary Theory Explain Everything? Hasn't Science Removed the Need for God?

The Big Bang is today's dominant scientific conjecture about the origin of the universe. According to the theory, the universe was created between 13 and 20 billion years ago from the random, cosmic explosion of a subatomic ball that hurled matter and energy in all directions. Over a period of approximately 10 billion years, this newly created matter and energy evolved into stars, galaxies and planets, including our earth. Evolutionary Theory then teaches that organic life sprung from non-organic matter exclusively through a natural mechanistic process on a pre-biotic earth. That original life form then evolved into more complex life forms through a natural process of random mutations and natural selection. In a nutshell, the basic premise of today's "scientific" worldview is that everything we see is the result of a cosmic accident. The precise mathematical formula: Matter randomly acting on matter for a sufficient period of time can create anything.

But wait, how can nothing explode? How can simplicity become complexity? Where did all that matter and energy come from? What caused its release? How did this explosion of everything (from nothing) order itself? Where did the chemical elements come from? Where did the mathematical laws and physical properties come from? Where did the information code in DNA come from? Where did the language convention that interprets DNA come from? How do we explain the design, complexity and fine-tuning inherent in spiral galaxies, solar systems and stars? How did life come from a rock? How did a bird come from a lizard? Why don't we see birds come from lizards today? Why are there no transitional fossils at all? Why have we never observed beneficial mutations? Explain the random development of the human eye, reproductive system, digestive tract and brain? What about the subconscious mind? What about love, morality, ethics and emotions?

The riddle of complexity cannot be solved by randomness. As much as the Evolutionary establishment wants to deny it, the scientific community is realizing that the universe was designed to be complex by some type of Intelligent Designer. Although there's a widespread view of who this Designer is, there's a greater acceptance that there is indeed a Designer. Through today's technology, we now see that even so-called simple bacteria are wonderfully complex machines containing volumes of information code. Scientists now understand the limits of genetic variation and the destructive power of genetic mutation. Information and complexity cannot be added to a living system through natural processes. Simply illustrated, dogs have the code to breed into a variety of dogs. However, a dog can never become a bird, elephant or banana, no matter how hard nature tries.

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