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For over 15 years, has brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world through written content on the web.

Videos are the fasted growing way people get info online. Videos will make up 84% of Internet traffic by 2018.
There will be over 4 Billion global Internet users by 2018.*

All About GOD Ministries is creating videos from hundreds of pages on the website. This process has already started. Video production requires many resources, and we need your help in this outreach.

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Click on Video below to watch. See additional sample videos already on HERE.

We are asking people like you, who have a heart for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through the latest video technology, to Join Us in this exciting Video Evangelism Outreach. There are literally thousands of pages within the websites that we can use for video content.

We are asking you to pray about committing to a $25, $50 or more, per month recurring gift to specifically for this video outreach. We praise the Lord for your participation in this critical outreach, no matter what the gift.

We are seeking support from faithful contributors like yourself to make this a reality. VIDEO REALLY IS THAT IMPORTANT as a communication tool, and this outreach will directly lead to thousands of people coming to Christ around the world!

* 2014 Cisco Forecast

Testimonials From Existing All About GOD Videos

  • I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for all of your amazing videos. They have literally changed my life... For a long time I've been searching for someone to give me answers and you have done it. You gave me answers in the simplest way possible and once again proved to me that God does indeed exist. For all the atheists that say we can't prove God, you have done it, my friend! Thank you and God bless! - Jenelle

  • Thanks. It is so good to have great, free, video resources. I am a Bible teacher at an International Christian School in Penang, Malaysia. Bless you for all you do - Doug

  • Awesome...Thank you! Keep up the Good Work! You brought back my faith with these videos. - Ted

  • Greetings, I love your videos and 'All About' sites. I wanted to use your videos for my grand kids' home schooling. We're trying to help them to get the Christian/Biblical World view. The two that live with me (I'm their guardian) have ADHD and are difficult learners. I thought your wonderful videos would give them a visual boost. Thanks, - Earl