Psalms 79

Psalms 79

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1 A psalm of Asaph. O God, pagan nations have conquered your land, your special possession. They have defiled your holy Temple and made Jerusalem a heap of ruins.

2 They have left the bodies of your servants as food for the birds of heaven. The flesh of your godly ones has become food for the wild animals.

3 Blood has flowed like water all around Jerusalem; no one is left to bury the dead.

4 We are mocked by our neighbors, an object of scorn and derision to those around us.

5 O LORD, how long will you be angry with us? Forever? How long will your jealousy burn like fire?

6 Pour out your wrath on the nations that refuse to recognize you-- on kingdoms that do not call upon your name.

7 For they have devoured your people Israel,* making the land a desolate wilderness.1

8 Oh, do not hold us guilty for our former sins! Let your tenderhearted mercies quickly meet our needs, for we are brought low to the dust.

9 Help us, O God of our salvation! Help us for the honor of your name. Oh, save us and forgive our sins for the sake of your name.

10 Why should pagan nations be allowed to scoff, asking, "Where is their God?" Show us your vengeance against the nations, for they have spilled the blood of your servants.

11 Listen to the moaning of the prisoners. Demonstrate your great power by saving those condemned to die.

12 O Lord, take sevenfold vengeance on our neighbors for the scorn they have hurled at you.

13 Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will thank you forever and ever, praising your greatness from generation to generation.

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1: Hebrew Jacob.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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