Psalms 21

Psalms 21

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1 For the choir director: A psalm of David. How the king rejoices in your strength, O LORD! He shouts with joy because of your victory.

2 For you have given him his heart's desire; you have held back nothing that he requested. Interlude

3 You welcomed him back with success and prosperity. You placed a crown of finest gold on his head.

4 He asked you to preserve his life, and you have granted his request. The days of his life stretch on forever.

5 Your victory brings him great honor, and you have clothed him with splendor and majesty.

6 You have endowed him with eternal blessings. You have given him the joy of being in your presence.

7 For the king trusts in the LORD. The unfailing love of the Most High will keep him from stumbling.

8 You will capture all your enemies. Your strong right hand will seize all those who hate you.

9 You will destroy them as in a flaming furnace when you appear. The LORD will consume them in his anger; fire will devour them.

10 You will wipe their children from the face of the earth; they will never have descendants.

11 Although they plot against you, their evil schemes will never succeed.

12 For they will turn and run when they see your arrows aimed at them.

13 We praise you, LORD, for all your glorious power. With music and singing we celebrate your mighty acts.

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New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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