Leviticus 6

Leviticus 6

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26 The priest who offers the sacrifice may eat his portion in a sacred place within the courtyard of the Tabernacle.

27 Anything or anyone who touches the sacrificial meat will become holy, and if the sacrificial blood splatters anyone's clothing, it must be washed off in a sacred place.

28 If a clay pot is used to boil the sacrificial meat, it must be broken. If a bronze kettle is used, it must be scoured and rinsed thoroughly with water.

29 Only males from a priest's family may eat of this offering, for it is most holy.

30 If, however, the blood of a sin offering has been taken into the Tabernacle to make atonement in the Holy Place for the people's sins, none of that animal's meat may be eaten. It must be completely burned up.

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New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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