Leviticus 14

Leviticus 14

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23 On the eighth day, the person being cleansed must bring the offerings to the priest for the cleansing ceremony to be performed in the LORD's presence at the Tabernacle entrance.

24 The priest will take the lamb for the guilt offering, along with the olive oil, and lift them up before the LORD as an offering to him.

25 Then the priest will slaughter the lamb for the guilt offering and put some of its blood on the tip of the person's right ear, on the thumb of the right hand, and on the big toe of the right foot.

26 "The priest will also pour some of the olive oil into the palm of his own left hand.

27 He will dip his right finger into the oil and sprinkle some of it seven times before the LORD.

28 The priest will then put some of the olive oil from his hand on the lobe of the person's right ear, on the thumb of the right hand, and on the big toe of the right foot, in addition to the blood of the guilt offering.

29 The oil that is still in the priest's hand will then be poured over the person's head. In this way, the priest will make atonement for the person being cleansed.

30 "Then the priest will offer the two turtledoves or the two young pigeons, whichever the person was able to afford.

31 One of them is for a sin offering and the other for a whole burnt offering, to be presented along with the grain offering. In this way, the priest will make atonement before the LORD for the person being cleansed.

32 These are the instructions for cleansing those who have recovered from a contagious skin disease but who cannot afford to bring the sacrifices normally required for the ceremony of cleansing."

33 Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron,

34 "When you arrive in Canaan, the land I am giving you as an inheritance, I may contaminate some of your houses with an infectious mildew.*1

35 The owner of such a house must then go to the priest and say, `It looks like my house has some kind of disease.'

36 Before the priest examines the house, he must have the house emptied so everything inside will not be pronounced unclean. Then the priest will go in and inspect the house.

37 If he finds bright green or reddish streaks on the walls of the house and the contamination appears to go deeper than the wall's surface,

38 he will leave the house and lock it up for seven days.

39 On the seventh day the priest must return for another inspection. If the mildew on the walls of the house has spread,

40 the priest must order that the stones from those areas be removed. The contaminated material will then be thrown into an area outside the town designated as ceremonially unclean.

41 Next the inside walls of the entire house must be scraped thoroughly and the scrapings dumped in the unclean place outside the town.

42 Other stones will be brought in to replace the ones that were removed, and the walls will be replastered.

43 "But if the mildew reappears after all these things have been done,

44 the priest must return and inspect the house again. If he sees that the affected areas have spread, the walls are clearly contaminated with an infectious mildew, and the house is defiled.

45 It must be torn down, and all its stones, timbers, and plaster must be carried out of town to the place designated as ceremonially unclean.

46 Anyone who enters the house while it is closed will be considered ceremonially unclean until evening.

47 All who sleep or eat in the house must wash their clothing.

48 "But if the priest returns for his inspection and finds that the affected areas have not reappeared after the fresh plastering, then he will pronounce the house clean because the infectious mildew is clearly gone.

49 To purify the house the priest will need two birds, some cedarwood, a scarlet cloth, and a hyssop branch.

50 He will slaughter one of the birds over a clay pot that is filled with fresh springwater.

51 Then he will dip the cedarwood, the hyssop branch, the scarlet cloth, and the living bird into the blood of the slaughtered bird, and he will sprinkle the house seven times.

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1: Traditionally rendered leprosy. See note at 13:47.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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