Joshua 16

Joshua 16

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1 The allotment to the descendants of Joseph extended from the Jordan River near Jericho, east of the waters of Jericho, through the wilderness and into the hill country of Bethel.

2 From Bethel (that is, Luz)* it ran over to Ataroth in the territory of the Arkites.1

3 Then it descended westward to the territory of the Japhletites as far as Lower Beth-horon, then to Gezer and on over to the Mediterranean Sea.*2

4 The families of Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, received their inheritance.

5 The following territory was given to the families of the tribe of Ephraim as their inheritance. The eastern boundary of their inheritance began at Ataroth-addar. From there it ran to Upper Beth-horon,

6 then on to the Mediterranean Sea. The northern boundary began at the Mediterranean, ran east past Micmethath, then curved eastward past Taanath-shiloh to the east of Janoah.

7 From Janoah it turned southward to Ataroth and Naarah, touched Jericho, and ended at the Jordan River.

8 From Tappuah the border extended westward, following the Kanah Ravine to the Mediterranean Sea. This is the inheritance given to the families of the tribe of Ephraim.

9 Ephraim was also given some towns with surrounding villages in the territory of the half-tribe of Manasseh.

10 They did not drive the Canaanites out of Gezer, however, so the people of Gezer live as slaves among the people of Ephraim to this day.

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1: As in Greek version (also see 18:13); Hebrew reads From Bethel to Luz.

2: Hebrew the sea; also in 16:6, 8.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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