John 19

John 19

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32 So the soldiers came and broke the legs of the two men crucified with Jesus.

33 But when they came to Jesus, they saw that he was dead already, so they didn't break his legs.

34 One of the soldiers, however, pierced his side with a spear, and blood and water flowed out.

35 This report is from an eyewitness giving an accurate account; it is presented so that you also can believe.

36 These things happened in fulfillment of the Scriptures that say, "Not one of his bones will be broken,"*1

37 and "They will look on him whom they pierced."*2

38 Afterward Joseph of Arimathea, who had been a secret disciple of Jesus (because he feared the Jewish leaders), asked Pilate for permission to take Jesus' body down. When Pilate gave him permission, he came and took the body away.

39 Nicodemus, the man who had come to Jesus at night, also came, bringing about seventy-five pounds* of embalming ointment made from myrrh and aloes.3

40 Together they wrapped Jesus' body in a long linen cloth with the spices, as is the Jewish custom of burial.

41 The place of crucifixion was near a garden, where there was a new tomb, never used before.

42 And so, because it was the day of preparation before the Passover and since the tomb was close at hand, they laid Jesus there.

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1: Exod 12:46; Num 9:12; Ps 34:20.

2: Zech 12:10.

3: Greek 100 litras [32.7 kilograms].

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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