Hosea 12

Hosea 12

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1 The people of Israel* feed on the wind; they chase after the east wind all day long. They multiply lies and violence; they make alliances with Assyria and cut deals with the Egyptians.1

2 Now the LORD is bringing a lawsuit against Judah. He is about to punish Jacob* for all his deceitful ways.2

3 Before Jacob was born, he struggled with his brother; when he became a man, he even fought with God.

4 Yes, he wrestled with the angel and won. He wept and pleaded for a blessing from him. There at Bethel he met God face to face, and God spoke to him*--3

5 the LORD God Almighty, the LORD is his name!

6 So now, come back to your God! Act on the principles of love and justice, and always live in confident dependence on your God.

7 But no, the people are like crafty merchants selling from dishonest scales--they love to cheat.

8 Israel boasts, "I am rich, and I've gotten it all by myself! No one can say I got it by cheating! My record is spotless!"

9 "I am the LORD your God, who rescued you from your slavery in Egypt. And I will make you live in tents again, as you do each year when you celebrate the Festival of Shelters.*4

10 I sent my prophets to warn you with many visions and parables."

11 But Gilead is filled with sinners who worship idols. And in Gilgal, too, they sacrifice bulls; their altars are lined up like the heaps of stone along the edges of a plowed field.

12 Jacob fled to the land of Aram and earned a wife by tending sheep.

13 Then the LORD led Jacob's descendants, the Israelites, out of Egypt by a prophet, who guided and protected them.

14 But the people of Israel have bitterly provoked the LORD, so their Lord will now sentence them to death in payment for their sins.

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1: Hebrew Ephraim, referring to the northern kingdom of Israel; also in 12:8, 14.

2: Jacob means “he grasps at the heel”; this can also figuratively mean “he deceives.”

3: As in Greek and Syriac versions; Hebrew reads to us.

4: Hebrew as in the days of your appointed feast.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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