Exodus 8

Exodus 8

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27 We must take a three-day trip into the wilderness to offer sacrifices to the LORD our God, just as he has commanded us."

28 "All right, go ahead," Pharaoh replied. "I will let you go to offer sacrifices to the LORD your God in the wilderness. But don't go too far away. Now hurry, and pray for me."

29 "As soon as I go," Moses said, "I will ask the LORD to cause the swarms of flies to disappear from you and all your people. But I am warning you, don't change your mind again and refuse to let the people go to sacrifice to the LORD."

30 So Moses left Pharaoh and asked the LORD to remove all the flies.

31 And the LORD did as Moses asked and caused the swarms to disappear. Not a single fly remained in the land!

32 But Pharaoh hardened his heart again and refused to let the people go.

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New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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