Exodus 28

Exodus 28

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1 "Your brother, Aaron, and his sons, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar, will be set apart from the common people. They will be my priests and will minister to me.

2 Make special clothing for Aaron to show his separation to God--beautiful garments that will lend dignity to his work.

3 Instruct all those who have special skills as tailors to make the garments that will set Aaron apart from everyone else, so he may serve me as a priest.

4 They are to make a chestpiece, an ephod, a robe, an embroidered tunic, a turban, and a sash. They will also make special garments for Aaron's sons to wear when they serve as priests before me.

5 These items must be made of fine linen cloth and embroidered with gold thread and blue, purple, and scarlet yarn.

6 "The ephod must be made of fine linen cloth and skillfully embroidered with gold thread and blue, purple, and scarlet yarn.

7 It will consist of two pieces, front and back, joined at the shoulders with two shoulder-pieces.

8 And the sash will be made of the same materials: fine linen cloth embroidered with gold thread and blue, purple, and scarlet yarn.

9 Take two onyx stones and engrave on them the names of the tribes of Israel.

10 Six names will be on each stone, naming all the tribes in the order of their ancestors' births.

11 Engrave these names in the same way a gemcutter engraves a seal. Mount the stones in gold settings.

12 Fasten the two stones on the shoulder-pieces of the ephod as memorial stones for the people of Israel. Aaron will carry these names before the LORD as a constant reminder.

13 The settings are to be made of gold filigree,

14 and two cords made of pure gold will be attached to the settings on the shoulders of the ephod.

15 "Then, with the most careful workmanship, make a chestpiece that will be used to determine God's will. Use the same materials as you did for the ephod: fine linen cloth embroidered with gold thread and blue, purple, and scarlet yarn.

16 This chestpiece will be made of two folds of cloth, forming a pouch nine inches* square.1

17 Four rows of gemstones* will be attached to it. The first row will contain a red carnelian, a chrysolite, and an emerald.2

18 The second row will contain a turquoise, a sapphire, and a white moonstone.

19 The third row will contain a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst.

20 The fourth row will contain a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper. All these stones will be set in gold.

21 Each stone will represent one of the tribes of Israel, and the name of that tribe will be engraved on it as though it were a seal.

22 "To attach the chestpiece to the ephod, make braided cords of pure gold.

23 Then make two gold rings and attach them to the top corners of the chestpiece.

24 The two gold cords will go through the rings on the chestpiece,

25 and the ends of the cords will be tied to the gold settings on the shoulder-pieces of the ephod.

26 Then make two more gold rings, and attach them to the two lower inside corners of the chestpiece next to the ephod.

27 And make two more gold rings and attach them to the ephod near the sash.

28 Then attach the bottom rings of the chestpiece to the rings on the ephod with blue cords. This will hold the chestpiece securely to the ephod above the beautiful sash.

29 In this way, Aaron will carry the names of the tribes of Israel on the chestpiece over his heart when he goes into the presence of the LORD in the Holy Place. Thus, the LORD will be reminded of his people continually.

30 Insert into the pocket of the chestpiece the Urim and Thummim, to be carried over Aaron's heart when he goes into the LORD's presence. Thus, Aaron will always carry the objects used to determine the LORD's will for his people whenever he goes in before the LORD.

31 "Make the robe of the ephod entirely of blue cloth,

32 with an opening for Aaron's head in the middle of it. The opening will be reinforced by a woven collar* so it will not tear.3

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1: Hebrew 1 span [23 centimeters].

2: The identification of some of these gemstones is uncertain.

3: The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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