Deuteronomy 32

Deuteronomy 32

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31 But the rock of our enemies is not like our Rock, as even they recognize.*1

32 Their vine grows from the vine of Sodom, from the vineyards of Gomorrah. Their grapes are poison, and their clusters are bitter.

33 Their wine is the venom of snakes, the deadly poison of vipers.

34 " `I am storing up these things, sealing them away within my treasury.

35 I will take vengeance; I will repay those who deserve it. In due time their feet will slip. Their day of disaster will arrive, and their destiny will overtake them.'

36 "Indeed, the LORD will judge his people, and he will change his mind about* his servants, when he sees their strength is gone and no one is left, slave or free.2

37 Then he will ask, `Where are their gods, the rocks they fled to for refuge?

38 Where now are those gods, who ate the fat of their sacrifices and drank the wine of their offerings? Let those gods arise and help you! Let them provide you with shelter!

39 Look now; I myself am he! There is no god other than me! I am the one who kills and gives life; I am the one who wounds and heals; no one delivers from my power!

40 Now I raise my hand to heaven and declare, "As surely as I live,

41 when I sharpen my flashing sword and begin to carry out justice, I will bring vengeance on my enemies and repay those who hate me.

42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword will devour flesh-- the blood of the slaughtered and the captives, and the heads of the enemy leaders." '

43 "Rejoice with him, O heavens, and let all the angels of God worship him,* for he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will take vengeance on his enemies and cleanse his land and his people."3

44 So Moses came with Joshua* son of Nun and recited all the words of this song to the people.4

45 When Moses had finished reciting these words to Israel,

46 he added: "Take to heart all the words I have given you today. Pass them on as a command to your children so they will obey every word of this law.

47 These instructions are not mere words--they are your life! By obeying them you will enjoy a long life in the land you are crossing the Jordan River to occupy."

48 That same day the LORD said to Moses,

49 "Go to Moab, to the mountains east of the river,* and climb Mount Nebo, which is across from Jericho. Look out across the land of Canaan, the land I am giving to the people of Israel as their own possession.5

50 Then you must die there on the mountain and join your ancestors, just as Aaron, your brother, died on Mount Hor and joined his ancestors.

51 For both of you broke faith with me among the Israelites at the waters of Meribah at Kadesh* in the wilderness of Zin. You failed to demonstrate my holiness to the people of Israel there.6

52 So you will see the land from a distance, but you may not enter the land I am giving to the people of Israel."

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1: The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain. Greek version reads our enemies are fools.

2: Or will take revenge for.

3: As in Dead Sea Scrolls and Greek version; Masoretic Text reads Rejoice with his people, O nations.

4: Hebrew Hoshea, a variant name for Joshua.

5: Hebrew the mountains of Abarim.

6: Hebrew waters of Meribath-kadesh.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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