1 Chronicles 6

1 Chronicles 6

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63 The descendants of Merari received by sacred lots twelve towns from the territories of Reuben, Gad, and Zebulun.

64 So the people of Israel assigned all these towns and pasturelands to the Levites.

65 The towns in the territories of Judah, Simeon, and Benjamin, mentioned above, were also assigned by means of sacred lots.

66 The descendants of Kohath received from the territory of Ephraim these towns, each with its surrounding pasturelands:

67 Shechem (a city of refuge in the hill country of Ephraim), Gezer,

68 Jokmeam, Beth-horon,

69 Aijalon, and Gath-rimmon.

70 The remaining descendants of Kohath were assigned these towns from the territory of the half-tribe of Manasseh: Aner and Bileam, each with its pasturelands.

71 The descendants of Gershon received from the territory of the half-tribe of Manasseh the town of Golan in Bashan with its pasturelands and Ashtaroth with its pasturelands.

72 From the territory of Issachar, they were given Kedesh, Daberath,

73 Ramoth, and Anem, with their pasturelands.

74 From the territory of Asher, they received Mashal, Abdon,

75 Hukok, and Rehob, each with its pasturelands.

76 From the territory of Naphtali, they were given Kedesh in Galilee, Hammon, and Kiriathaim, each with its pasturelands.

77 The remaining descendants of Merari received from the territory of Zebulun the towns of Jokneam, Kartah,* Rimmono, and Tabor, each with its pasturelands.1

78 From the territory of Reuben, east of the Jordan River opposite Jericho, they received Bezer (a desert town), Jahaz,*2

79 Kedemoth, and Mephaath, each with its pasturelands.

80 And from the territory of Gad, they received Ramoth in Gilead, Mahanaim,

81 Heshbon, and Jazer, each with its pasturelands.

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1: As in Greek version (see also Josh 21:34); Hebrew lacks Jokneam, Kartah.

2: Hebrew Jahzah, a variant name for Jahaz.

New Living Translation Bible and Notes used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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