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  • About the same time I realized that some of the men of Judah had married women from Ashdod, Ammon, and Moab. - Nehemiah 13:23

  • How could you even think of committing this sinful deed and acting unfaithfully toward God by marrying foreign women?" - Nehemiah 13:27

  • Queen Vashti gave a banquet for the women of the palace at the same time. - Esther 1:9

  • Women everywhere will begin to despise their husbands when they learn that Queen Vashti has refused to appear before the king. - Esther 1:17

  • Let the king appoint agents in each province to bring these beautiful young women into the royal harem at Susa. Hegai, the eunuch in charge, will see that they are all given beauty treatments. - Esther 2:3

  • As a result of the king's decree, Esther, along with many other young women, was brought to the king's harem at the fortress of Susa and placed in Hegai's care. - Esther 2:8

  • the king loved her more than any of the other young women. He was so delighted with her that he set the royal crown on her head and declared her queen instead of Vashti. - Esther 2:17

  • Even after all the young women had been transferred to the second harem* and Mordecai had become a palace official,5 - Esther 2:19

  • and sent by messengers into all the provinces of the empire. The letters decreed that all Jews--young and old, including women and children--must be killed, slaughtered, and annihilated on a single day. This was scheduled to happen nearly a year later on March 7.* The property of the Jews would be given to those who killed them.4 - Esther 3:13

  • In all the land there were no other women as lovely as the daughters of Job. And their father put them into his will along with their brothers. - Job 42:15

  • The Lord announces victory, and throngs of women shout the happy news. - Psalms 68:11

  • Enemy kings and their armies flee, while the women of Israel divide the plunder. - Psalms 68:12

  • Singers are in front, musicians are behind; with them are young women playing tambourines. - Psalms 68:25

  • Their young men were killed by fire; their young women died before singing their wedding songs. - Psalms 78:63

  • Beautiful women obtain wealth, and violent men get rich. - Proverbs 11:16

  • do not spend your strength on women, on those who ruin kings. - Proverbs 31:3

  • "There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!" - Proverbs 31:29
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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