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  • During this time, none of us--not I, nor my relatives, nor my servants, nor the guards who were with me--ever took off our clothes. We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water.*3 - Nehemiah 4:23

  • He pours disgrace upon princes and confiscates weapons from the strong. - Job 12:21

  • He will prepare his deadly weapons and ignite his flaming arrows. - Psalms 7:13

  • Some nations boast of their armies and weapons,* but we boast in the LORD our God.3 - Psalms 20:7

  • May they disappear like water into thirsty ground. Make their weapons useless in their hands.*1 - Psalms 58:7

  • There he breaks the arrows of the enemy, the shields and swords and weapons of his foes. Interlude - Psalms 76:3

  • A wise person can overcome weapons of war, but one sinner can destroy much that is good. - Ecclesiastes 9:18

  • They came from countries far away. They are the LORD's weapons; they carry his anger with them and will destroy the whole land. - Isaiah 13:5

  • Judah's defenses have been stripped away. You run to the armory for your weapons. - Isaiah 22:8

  • I have created the blacksmith who fans the coals beneath the forge and makes the weapons of destruction. And I have created the armies that destroy. - Isaiah 54:16

  • Their weapons are deadly; their warriors are mighty. - Jeremiah 5:16

  • `This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: I will make your weapons useless against the king of Babylon and the Babylonians* who are attacking you. Yes, I will bring your enemies right into the heart of this city.2 - Jeremiah 21:4

  • For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Though you have torn down the houses of this city and even the king's palace to get materials to strengthen the walls against the siege weapons of the enemy, - Jeremiah 33:4

  • "The LORD has opened his armory and brought out weapons to vent his fury against his enemies. The terror that falls upon the Babylonians will be the work of the Sovereign LORD Almighty. - Jeremiah 50:25

  • Destroying armies come against Babylon. Her mighty men are captured, and their weapons break in their hands. For the LORD is a God who gives just punishment, and he is giving Babylon all she deserves. - Jeremiah 51:56

  • Then the LORD thundered, "Bring on the men appointed to punish the city! Tell them to bring their weapons with them!" - Ezekiel 9:1

  • They are not buried in honor like the fallen heroes of the outcasts, who went down to the grave* with their weapons--their shields covering their bodies,* and their swords beneath their heads. They brought terror to everyone while they were still alive.1 - Ezekiel 32:27
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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