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  • It will even strike her water supply, causing it to dry up. And why? Because the whole land is filled with idols, and the people are madly in love with them. - Jeremiah 50:38

  • You are a city rich with water, a great center of commerce, but your end has come. The thread of your life is cut. - Jeremiah 51:13

  • The LORD says to Jerusalem, "I will be your lawyer to plead your case, and I will avenge you. I will dry up her river, her water supply, - Jeremiah 51:36

  • The Babylonians broke up the bronze pillars, the bronze water carts, and the bronze Sea that were at the LORD's Temple, and they carried all the bronze away to Babylon. - Jeremiah 52:17

  • The bronze from the two pillars, the water carts, and the Sea with the twelve bulls beneath it was too great to be measured. These things had been made for the LORD's Temple in the days of King Solomon. - Jeremiah 52:20

  • Rise during the night and cry out. Pour out your hearts like water to the Lord. Lift up your hands to him in prayer. Plead for your children as they faint with hunger in the streets. - Lamentations 2:19

  • The water flowed above my head, and I cried out, "This is the end!" - Lamentations 3:54

  • We have to pay for water to drink, and even firewood is expensive. - Lamentations 5:4

  • Then measure out a jar* of water for each day, and drink it at set times.2 - Ezekiel 4:11

  • Then he told me, "Son of man, I will cause food to be very scarce in Jerusalem. It will be weighed out with great care and eaten fearfully. The water will be portioned out drop by drop, and the people will drink it with dismay. - Ezekiel 4:16

  • Food and water will be so scarce that the people will look at one another in terror, and they will waste away under their punishment. - Ezekiel 4:17

  • Everyone's hands will be feeble; their knees will be as weak as water. - Ezekiel 7:17

  • "Son of man, tremble as you eat your food. Drink your water with fear, as if it were your last. - Ezekiel 12:18

  • Give the people this message from the Sovereign LORD concerning those living in Israel and Jerusalem: They will eat their food with trembling and sip their tiny portions of water in utter despair, because their land will be stripped bare on account of their violence. - Ezekiel 12:19

  • But then another great eagle with broad wings and full plumage came along. So the vine sent its roots and branches out toward him for water. - Ezekiel 17:7

  • The vine did this even though it was already planted in good soil and had plenty of water so it could grow into a splendid vine and produce rich leaves and luscious fruit. - Ezekiel 17:8

  • `Your mother was like a vine planted by the water's edge. It had lush, green foliage because of the abundant water. - Ezekiel 19:10
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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