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  • He changes rivers into deserts, and springs of water into dry land. - Psalms 107:33

  • But he also turns deserts into pools of water, the dry land into flowing springs. - Psalms 107:35

  • Cursing is as much a part of him as his clothing, or as the water he drinks, or the rich food he eats. - Psalms 109:18

  • The Red Sea* saw them coming and hurried out of their way! The water of the Jordan River turned away.1 - Psalms 114:3

  • He turned the rock into pools of water; yes, springs of water came from solid rock. - Psalms 114:8

  • The waters would have engulfed us; a torrent would have overwhelmed us. - Psalms 124:4

  • Yes, the raging waters of their fury would have overwhelmed our very lives. - Psalms 124:5

  • Give thanks to him who placed the earth on the water. His faithful love endures forever. - Psalms 136:6

  • Reach down from heaven and rescue me; deliver me from deep waters, from the power of my enemies. - Psalms 144:7

  • Drink water from your own well--share your love only with your wife.*2 - Proverbs 5:15

  • Why spill the water of your springs in public, having sex with just anyone?*3 - Proverbs 5:16

  • I was born before the oceans were created, before the springs bubbled forth their waters. - Proverbs 8:24

  • "Stolen water is refreshing; food eaten in secret tastes the best!" - Proverbs 9:17

  • A person's words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook. - Proverbs 18:4

  • The king's heart is like a stream of water directed by the LORD; he turns it wherever he pleases. - Proverbs 21:1

  • If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat. If they are thirsty, give them water to drink. - Proverbs 25:21

  • Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty. - Proverbs 25:25
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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