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  • Then Elijah folded his cloak together and struck the water with it. The river divided, and the two of them went across on dry ground! - 2 Kings 2:8

  • He struck the water with the cloak and cried out, "Where is the LORD, the God of Elijah?" Then the river divided, and Elisha went across. - 2 Kings 2:14

  • Now the leaders of the town of Jericho visited Elisha. "We have a problem, my lord," they told him. "This town is located in beautiful natural surroundings, as you can see. But the water is bad, and the land is unproductive." - 2 Kings 2:19

  • Then he went out to the spring that supplied the town with water and threw the salt into it. And he said, "This is what the LORD says: I have made this water wholesome. It will no longer cause death or infertility.*"3 - 2 Kings 2:21

  • And sure enough! The water has remained wholesome ever since, just as Elisha said. - 2 Kings 2:22

  • The king of Edom and his troops joined them, and all three armies traveled along a roundabout route through the wilderness for seven days. But there was no water for the men or their pack animals. - 2 Kings 3:9

  • and he said, "This is what the LORD says: This dry valley will be filled with pools of water! - 2 Kings 3:16

  • You will see neither wind nor rain, says the LORD, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and for your cattle and your other animals. - 2 Kings 3:17

  • And sure enough, the next day at about the time when the morning sacrifice was offered, water suddenly appeared! It was flowing from the direction of Edom, and soon there was water everywhere. - 2 Kings 3:20

  • But when they got up the next morning, the sun was shining across the water, making it look as red as blood. - 2 Kings 3:22

  • "Where did it fall?" the man of God asked. When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it into the water. Then the ax head rose to the surface and floated. - 2 Kings 6:6

  • But the next day Hazael took a blanket, soaked it in water, and held it over the king's face until he died. Then Hazael became the next king of Aram. - 2 Kings 8:15

  • Then the king removed the side panels and basins from the portable water carts. He also removed the Sea from the backs of the bronze oxen and placed it on the stone pavement. - 2 Kings 16:17

  • Nevertheless the king of Assyria sent his commander in chief, his field commander, and his personal representative from Lachish with a huge army to confront King Hezekiah in Jerusalem. The Assyrians stopped beside the aqueduct that feeds water into the upper pool, near the road leading to the field where cloth is bleached. - 2 Kings 18:17

  • I have dug wells in many a foreign land and refreshed myself with their water. I even stopped up the rivers of Egypt so that my armies could go across!" - 2 Kings 19:24

  • The rest of the events in Hezekiah's reign, including the extent of his power and how he built a pool and dug a tunnel to bring water into the city, are recorded in [The Book of the History of the Kings of Judah.] - 2 Kings 20:20

  • The Babylonians broke up the bronze pillars, the bronze water carts, and the bronze Sea that were at the LORD's Temple, and they carried all the bronze away to Babylon. - 2 Kings 25:13
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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