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  • The LORD spoke to Manasseh and his people, but they ignored all his warnings. - 2 Chronicles 33:10

  • Our kings, princes, priests, and ancestors did not obey your law or listen to your commands and solemn warnings. - Nehemiah 9:34

  • "Without warning, he moves the mountains, overturning them in his anger. - Job 9:5

  • He whispers in their ear and terrifies them with his warning. - Job 33:16

  • They are a warning to those who hear them; there is great reward for those who obey them. - Psalms 19:11

  • "Listen to me, O my people, while I give you stern warnings. O Israel, if you would only listen! - Psalms 81:8

  • Well may you scream in terror, you people of Gallim! Shout out a warning to Laishah, for the mighty army comes. Poor Anathoth, what a fate is yours! - Isaiah 10:30

  • For the leaders of my people--the LORD's watchmen, his shepherds--are blind to every danger. They are like silent watchdogs that give no warning when danger comes. They love to lie around, sleeping and dreaming. - Isaiah 56:10

  • This is your last warning, Jerusalem! If you do not listen, I will empty the land." - Jeremiah 6:8

  • To whom can I give warning? Who will listen when I speak? Their ears are closed, and they cannot hear. They scorn the word of the LORD. They don't want to listen at all. - Jeremiah 6:10

  • "Tell them all this, but do not expect them to listen. Shout out your warnings, but do not expect them to respond. - Jeremiah 7:27

  • This is what the LORD says: Listen to my warning and live! Stop carrying on your trade at Jerusalem's gates on the Sabbath day. - Jeremiah 17:21

  • But if you refuse to pay attention to this warning, I swear by my own name, says the LORD, that this palace will become a pile of rubble.' " - Jeremiah 22:5

  • This is my warning to my people," says the LORD Almighty. "Do not listen to these prophets when they prophesy to you, filling you with futile hopes. They are making up everything they say. They do not speak for the LORD! - Jeremiah 23:16

  • The ancient prophets who preceded you and me spoke against many nations, always warning of war, famine, and disease. - Jeremiah 28:8

  • I will punish him and his family and his officials because of their sins. I will pour out on them and on all the people of Judah and Jerusalem all the disasters I have promised, for they would not listen to my warnings.' " - Jeremiah 36:31

  • "Listen, you remnant of Judah. The LORD has told you: `Do not go to Egypt!' Don't forget this warning I have given you today. - Jeremiah 42:19
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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