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  • Next was Uzziel son of Harhaiah, a goldsmith by trade, who also worked on the wall. Beyond him was Hananiah, a manufacturer of perfumes. They left out* a section of Jerusalem as far as the Broad Wall.2 - Nehemiah 3:8

  • The merchants and tradesmen with a variety of wares camped outside Jerusalem once or twice. - Nehemiah 13:20

  • They traded their glorious God for a statue of a grass-eating ox! - Psalms 106:20

  • Some went off in ships, plying the trade routes of the world. - Psalms 107:23

  • Mourn in silence, you people of the coast and you merchants of Sidon. Your traders crossed the sea, - Isaiah 23:2

  • Who has brought this disaster on Tyre, empire builder and chief trader of the world? - Isaiah 23:8

  • Others died that you might live. I traded their lives for yours because you are precious to me. You are honored, and I love you. - Isaiah 43:4

  • They cheat and shortchange everyone. Nothing they do is productive; all their activity is filled with sin. Violence is their trademark. - Isaiah 59:6

  • This is what the LORD says: Listen to my warning and live! Stop carrying on your trade at Jerusalem's gates on the Sabbath day. - Jeremiah 17:21

  • " `But if you obey me, says the LORD, and do not carry on your trade or work on the Sabbath day, and if you keep it holy, - Jeremiah 17:24

  • "Son of man, Tyre has rejoiced over the fall of Jerusalem, saying, `Ha! She who controlled the rich trade routes to the east has been broken, and I am the heir! Because she has been destroyed, I will become wealthy!' - Ezekiel 26:2

  • Wise old craftsmen from Gebal did all the caulking. Ships came with goods from every land to barter for your trade. - Ezekiel 27:9

  • "Aram* sent merchants to buy your wares. They traded turquoise, purple dyes, embroidery, fine linen, and jewelry of coral and rubies.6 - Ezekiel 27:16

  • Judah and Israel traded for your wares, offering wheat from Minnith, early figs,* honey, oil, and balm.7 - Ezekiel 27:17

  • Damascus traded for your rich variety of goods, bringing wine from Helbon and white wool from Zahar. - Ezekiel 27:18

  • Greeks from Uzal* came to trade for your merchandise. Wrought iron, cassia, and calamus were bartered for your wares.8 - Ezekiel 27:19

  • Dedan traded their expensive saddle blankets with you. - Ezekiel 27:20
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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