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  • They will come in vast hordes, spreading across the whole land. They will settle in the fertile areas and also in the desolate valleys, caves, and thorny places. - Isaiah 7:19

  • In that day the lush vineyards, now worth as much as a thousand pieces of silver,* will become patches of briers and thorns.5 - Isaiah 7:23

  • No one will go to the fertile hillsides where the gardens once grew, for briers and thorns will cover them. Cattle, sheep, and goats will graze there. - Isaiah 7:25

  • This wickedness is like a brushfire. It burns not only briers and thorns but the forests, too. Its burning sends up vast clouds of smoke. - Isaiah 9:18

  • The LORD, the Light of Israel and the Holy One, will be a flaming fire that will destroy them. In a single night he will burn those thorns and briers, the Assyrians. - Isaiah 10:17

  • My anger against Israel will be gone. If I find briers and thorns bothering her, I will burn them up. - Isaiah 27:4

  • For your land will be overgrown with thorns and briers. Your joyful homes and happy cities will be gone. - Isaiah 32:13

  • Your people will be burned up completely, like thorns cut down and tossed in a fire. - Isaiah 33:12

  • Thorns will overrun its palaces; nettles will grow in its forts. The ruins will become a haunt for jackals and a home for ostriches. - Isaiah 34:13

  • Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow. Where briers grew, myrtles will sprout up. This miracle will bring great honor to the LORD's name; it will be an everlasting sign of his power and love. - Isaiah 55:13

  • This is what the LORD says to the people of Judah and Jerusalem: "Plow up the hard ground of your hearts! Do not waste your good seed among thorns. - Jeremiah 4:3

  • My people have planted wheat but are harvesting thorns. They have worked hard, but it has done them no good. They will harvest a crop of shame, for the fierce anger of the LORD is upon them." - Jeremiah 12:13

  • "Son of man, do not fear them. Don't be afraid even though their threats are sharp as thorns and barbed like briers, and they sting like scorpions. Do not be dismayed by their dark scowls. For remember, they are rebels! - Ezekiel 2:6

  • No longer will Israel's scornful neighbors prick and tear at her like thorns and briers. For then they will know that I am the Sovereign LORD. - Ezekiel 28:24

  • "But I will fence her in with thornbushes. I will block the road to make her lose her way. - Hosea 2:6

  • And the pagan shrines of Aven,* the place of Israel's sin, will crumble. Thorns and thistles will grow up around them. They will beg the mountains to bury them and the hills to fall on them.2 - Hosea 10:8

  • Even the best of them is like a brier; the straightest is more crooked than a hedge of thorns. But your judgment day is coming swiftly now. Your time of punishment is here. - Micah 7:4
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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