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  • Cedar paneling completely covered the stone walls throughout the Temple, and the paneling was decorated with carvings of gourds and open flowers. - 1 Kings 6:18

  • Solomon prepared the inner sanctuary in the rear of the Temple, where the Ark of the LORD's covenant would be placed. - 1 Kings 6:19

  • Then he overlaid the rest of the Temple's interior with pure gold, and he made gold chains to protect the entrance to the Most Holy Place. - 1 Kings 6:21

  • So he finished overlaying the entire Temple with gold, including the altar that belonged to the Most Holy Place. - 1 Kings 6:22

  • Solomon placed them side by side in the inner sanctuary of the Temple. Their outspread wings reached from wall to wall, while their inner wings touched at the center of the room. - 1 Kings 6:27

  • Then he made four-sided doorposts of olive wood for the entrance to the Temple. - 1 Kings 6:33

  • The foundation of the LORD's Temple was laid in midspring* of the fourth year of Solomon's reign.1 - 1 Kings 6:37

  • The entire building was completed in every detail by midautumn* of the eleventh year of his reign. So it took seven years to build the Temple.2 - 1 Kings 6:38

  • The walls of the great courtyard were built so that there was one layer of cedar beams after every three layers of hewn stone, just like the walls of the inner courtyard of the LORD's Temple with its entrance foyer. - 1 Kings 7:12

  • Huram set the pillars at the entrance of the Temple, one toward the south and one toward the north. He named the one on the south Jakin, and the one on the north Boaz.*4 - 1 Kings 7:21

  • He arranged five water carts on the south side of the Temple and five on the north side. The Sea was placed at the southeast corner of the Temple. - 1 Kings 7:39

  • He also made the necessary pots, shovels, and basins. So at last Huram completed everything King Solomon had assigned him to make for the Temple of the LORD: - 1 Kings 7:40

  • the pots, the shovels, and the basins. All these utensils for the Temple of the LORD that Huram made for Solomon were made of burnished bronze. - 1 Kings 7:45

  • So Solomon made all the furnishings of the Temple of the LORD: the gold altar, the gold table for the Bread of the Presence, - 1 Kings 7:48

  • the cups, lamp snuffers, basins, dishes, and firepans, all of pure gold, the doors for the entrances to the Most Holy Place and the main room of the Temple, with their fronts overlaid with gold. - 1 Kings 7:50

  • So King Solomon finished all his work on the Temple of the LORD. Then Solomon brought all the gifts his father, David, had dedicated--the silver, the gold, and the other utensils--and he stored them in the treasuries of the LORD's Temple. - 1 Kings 7:51

  • Solomon then summoned the leaders of all the tribes and families of Israel to assemble in Jerusalem. They were to bring the Ark of the LORD's covenant from its location in the City of David, also known as Zion, to its new place in the Temple. - 1 Kings 8:1
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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