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  • The doors leading into the Holy Place were decorated with carved cherubim and palm trees just as on the walls. And there was a wooden canopy over the front of the Temple's foyer. - Ezekiel 41:25

  • Then the man led me out of the Temple courtyard by way of the north gateway. We entered the outer courtyard and came to a group of rooms against the north wall of the inner courtyard. - Ezekiel 42:1

  • This wall added length to the outer block of rooms, which extended for only 87 feet, while the inner block--the rooms toward the Temple--extended for 175 feet. - Ezekiel 42:8

  • On the south* side of the Temple there were two blocks of rooms just south of the inner courtyard between the Temple and the outer courtyard. These rooms were arranged just like the rooms on the north.2 - Ezekiel 42:10

  • There was a walkway between the two blocks of rooms just like the complex on the north side of the Temple. This complex of rooms was the same length and width as the other one, and it had the same entrances and doors. The dimensions of each were identical. - Ezekiel 42:11

  • Then the man told me, "These rooms that overlook the Temple from the north and south are holy. It is there that the priests who offer sacrifices to the LORD will eat the most holy offerings. And they will use these rooms to store the grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings because these rooms are holy. - Ezekiel 42:13

  • When the man had finished taking these measurements, he led me out through the east gateway to measure the entire Temple area. - Ezekiel 42:15

  • And the glory of the LORD came into the Temple through the east gateway. - Ezekiel 43:4

  • Then the Spirit took me up and brought me into the inner courtyard, and the glory of the LORD filled the Temple. - Ezekiel 43:5

  • And I heard someone speaking to me from within the Temple. (The man who had been measuring was still standing beside me.) - Ezekiel 43:6

  • "Son of man, describe to the people of Israel the Temple I have shown you. Tell them its appearance and its plan so they will be ashamed of all their sins. - Ezekiel 43:10

  • And this is the basic law of the Temple: absolute holiness! The entire top of the hill where the Temple is built is holy. Yes, this is the primary law of the Temple. - Ezekiel 43:12

  • Then take the young bull for the sin offering and burn it at the appointed place outside the Temple area. - Ezekiel 43:21

  • Then the man brought me through the north gateway to the front of the Temple. I looked and saw that the glory of the LORD filled the Temple of the LORD, and I fell to the ground with my face in the dust. - Ezekiel 44:4

  • And the LORD said to me, "Son of man, take careful notice; use your eyes and ears. Listen to everything I tell you about the regulations concerning the LORD's Temple. Take careful note of who may be admitted to the Temple and who is to be excluded from it. - Ezekiel 44:5

  • You have brought uncircumcised foreigners into my sanctuary--people who have no heart for God. In this way, you profaned my Temple even as you offered me my food, the fat and blood of sacrifices. Thus, in addition to all your other disgusting sins, you have broken my covenant. - Ezekiel 44:7

  • They may still be Temple guards and gatemen, and they may still slaughter the animals brought for burnt offerings and be present to help the people. - Ezekiel 44:11
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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