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  • Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and sympathetic? - Philippians 2:1

  • For we who worship God in the Spirit* are the only ones who are truly circumcised. We put no confidence in human effort. Instead, we boast about what Christ Jesus has done for us.2 - Philippians 3:3

  • May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. - Philippians 4:23

  • He is the one who told us about the great love for others that the Holy Spirit has given you. - Colossians 1:8

  • So we have continued praying for you ever since we first heard about you. We ask God to give you a complete understanding of what he wants to do in your lives, and we ask him to make you wise with spiritual wisdom. - Colossians 1:9

  • When you came to Christ, you were "circumcised," but not by a physical procedure. It was a spiritual procedure--the cutting away of your sinful nature. - Colossians 2:11

  • Let the words of Christ, in all their richness, live in your hearts and make you wise. Use his words to teach and counsel each other. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts. - Colossians 3:16

  • For when we brought you the Good News, it was not only with words but also with power, for the Holy Spirit gave you full assurance that what we said was true. And you know that the way we lived among you was further proof of the truth of our message. - 1 Thessalonians 1:5

  • So you received the message with joy from the Holy Spirit in spite of the severe suffering it brought you. In this way, you imitated both us and the Lord. - 1 Thessalonians 1:6

  • Anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human rules but is rejecting God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you. - 1 Thessalonians 4:8

  • Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. - 1 Thessalonians 5:19

  • Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until that day when our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. - 1 Thessalonians 5:23

  • As for us, we always thank God for you, dear brothers and sisters loved by the Lord. We are thankful that God chose you to be among the first* to experience salvation, a salvation that came through the Spirit who makes you holy and by your belief in the truth.3 - 2 Thessalonians 2:13

  • Don't let people waste time in endless speculation over myths and spiritual pedigrees.* For these things only cause arguments; they don't help people live a life of faith in God.*1 - 1 Timothy 1:4

  • Without question, this is the great mystery of our faith: Christ* appeared in the flesh and was shown to be righteous by the Spirit.* He was seen by angels and was announced to the nations. He was believed on in the world and was taken up into heaven.*5 - 1 Timothy 3:16

  • Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from what we believe; they will follow lying spirits and teachings that come from demons. - 1 Timothy 4:1

  • Do not waste time arguing over godless ideas and old wives' tales. Spend your time and energy in training yourself for spiritual fitness. - 1 Timothy 4:7
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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