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  • Solomon also made narrow, recessed windows throughout the Temple. - 1 Kings 6:4

  • After completing the Temple structure, Solomon put in a ceiling made of beams and planks of cedar. - 1 Kings 6:9

  • Then the LORD gave this message to Solomon: - 1 Kings 6:11

  • So Solomon finished building the Temple. - 1 Kings 6:14

  • Solomon prepared the inner sanctuary in the rear of the Temple, where the Ark of the LORD's covenant would be placed. - 1 Kings 6:19

  • This inner sanctuary was 30 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 30 feet high. Solomon overlaid its walls and ceiling with pure gold. He also overlaid the altar made of cedar.*4 - 1 Kings 6:20

  • Within the inner sanctuary Solomon placed two cherubim made of olive wood, each 15 feet tall. - 1 Kings 6:23

  • Solomon placed them side by side in the inner sanctuary of the Temple. Their outspread wings reached from wall to wall, while their inner wings touched at the center of the room. - 1 Kings 6:27

  • For the entrance to the inner sanctuary, Solomon made double doors of olive wood with five-sided doorposts. - 1 Kings 6:31

  • The foundation of the LORD's Temple was laid in midspring* of the fourth year of Solomon's reign.1 - 1 Kings 6:37

  • Solomon also built a palace for himself, and it took him thirteen years to complete the construction. - 1 Kings 7:1

  • One of Solomon's buildings was called the Palace of the Forest of Lebanon. It was 150 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high.* The great cedar ceiling beams rested on four rows of cedar pillars.1 - 1 Kings 7:2

  • There was also the Hall of the Throne, also known as the Hall of Judgment, where Solomon sat to hear legal matters. It was paneled with cedar from floor to ceiling.*2 - 1 Kings 7:7

  • Solomon's living quarters surrounded a courtyard behind this hall; they were built the same way. He also built similar living quarters for Pharaoh's daughter, one of his wives. - 1 Kings 7:8

  • King Solomon then asked for a man named Huram* to come from Tyre,3 - 1 Kings 7:13

  • for he was a craftsman skilled in bronze work. He was half Israelite, since his mother was a widow from the tribe of Naphtali, and his father had been a foundry worker from Tyre. So he came to work for King Solomon. - 1 Kings 7:14

  • He also made the necessary pots, shovels, and basins. So at last Huram completed everything King Solomon had assigned him to make for the Temple of the LORD: - 1 Kings 7:40
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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