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  • "If you present a peace offering to the LORD from the flock, you may bring either a goat or a sheep. It may be either male or female, and it must have no physical defects. - Leviticus 3:6

  • If you bring a sheep as your gift, present it to the LORD - Leviticus 3:7

  • by laying your hand on its head and slaughtering it at the entrance of the Tabernacle. The sons of Aaron will then sprinkle the sheep's blood against the sides of the altar. - Leviticus 3:8

  • "If any of the people bring a sheep as their sin offering, it must be a female with no physical defects. - Leviticus 4:32

  • Those who are guilty must remove all the sheep's fat, just as is done with a sheep presented as a peace offering. Then the priest will burn the fat on the altar on top of the offerings given to the LORD by fire. In this way, the priest will make atonement for them, and they will be forgiven. - Leviticus 4:35

  • and bring to the LORD as their penalty a female from the flock, either a sheep or a goat. This will be a sin offering to remove their sin, and the priest will make atonement for them. - Leviticus 5:6

  • "If any of them cannot afford to bring a sheep, they must bring to the LORD two young turtledoves or two young pigeons as the penalty for their sin. One of the birds will be a sin offering, and the other will be a burnt offering. - Leviticus 5:7

  • "Give the Israelites these instructions: You must never eat fat, whether from oxen or sheep or goats. - Leviticus 7:23

  • "If a woman cannot afford to bring a sheep, she must bring two turtledoves or two young pigeons. One will be for the whole burnt offering and the other for the purification offering. The priest will sacrifice them, thus making atonement for her, and she will be ceremonially clean." - Leviticus 12:8

  • "You may not dedicate to the LORD the firstborn of your cattle or sheep because the firstborn of these animals already belong to him. - Leviticus 27:26

  • and you want to please the LORD with a burnt offering or any other offering given by fire, the sacrifice must be an animal from your flocks of sheep and goats or from your herds of cattle. When it is an ordinary burnt offering, a sacrifice to fulfill a vow, a freewill offering, or a special sacrifice at any of the annual festivals, - Numbers 15:3

  • "However, you may not redeem the firstborn of cattle, sheep, or goats. They are holy and have been set apart for the LORD. Sprinkle their blood on the altar, and burn their fat as an offering given by fire, very pleasing to the LORD. - Numbers 18:17

  • where the king sacrificed cattle and sheep. He sent portions of the meat to Balaam and the officials who were with him. - Numbers 22:40

  • Give them someone who will lead them into battle, so the people of the LORD will not be like sheep without a shepherd." - Numbers 27:17

  • But first give the LORD his share of the captives, cattle, donkeys, sheep, and goats that belong to the army. Set apart one out of every five hundred as the LORD's share. - Numbers 31:28

  • Also take one of every fifty of the captives, cattle, donkeys, sheep, and goats in the half that belongs to the people of Israel. Give this share to the Levites in charge of maintaining the LORD's Tabernacle." - Numbers 31:30

  • The plunder remaining from the spoils that the fighting men had taken totaled 675,000 sheep, - Numbers 31:32
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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