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  • "After this, he will turn his attention to the coastal cities and conquer many. But a commander from another land will put an end to his insolence and will cause him to retreat in shame. - Daniel 11:18

  • Many of those whose bodies lie dead and buried will rise up, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt. - Daniel 12:2

  • For their mother is a shameless prostitute and became pregnant in a shameful way. She said, `I'll run after other lovers and sell myself to them for food and drink, for clothing of wool and linen, and for olive oil.' - Hosea 2:5

  • The men of Israel finish up their drinking bouts and off they go to find some prostitutes. Their love for shame is greater than their love for honor.*4 - Hosea 4:18

  • So a mighty wind will sweep them away. They will die in shame because they offer sacrifices to idols. - Hosea 4:19

  • The LORD says, "O Israel, when I first found you, it was like finding fresh grapes in the desert! When I saw your ancestors, it was like seeing the first ripe figs of the season! But then they deserted me for Baal-peor, giving themselves to that shameful idol. Soon they became as vile as the god they worshiped. - Hosea 9:10

  • This idol they love so much will be carted away with them when they go as captives to Assyria, a gift to the great king there. Israel will be laughed at and shamed because its people have trusted in this idol. - Hosea 10:6

  • "And why? Because of the violence you did to your close relatives in Israel.* Now you will be destroyed completely and filled with shame forever.2 - Obadiah 1:10

  • Because of all this, I will mourn and lament. I will walk around naked and barefoot in sorrow and shame. I will howl like a jackal and wail like an ostrich. - Micah 1:8

  • Then you seers will cover your faces in shame, and you diviners will be disgraced. And you will admit that your messages were not from God." - Micah 3:7

  • "No wonder I am your enemy!" declares the LORD Almighty. "And now I will lift your skirts so all the earth will see your nakedness and shame. - Nahum 3:5

  • But by the murders you committed, you have shamed your name and forfeited your lives. - Habakkuk 2:10

  • "How terrible it will be for you who make your neighbors drunk! You force your cup on them so that you can gloat over their nakedness and shame. - Habakkuk 2:15

  • But soon it will be your turn! Come, drink and be exposed! Drink from the cup of the LORD's judgment, and all your glory will be turned to shame. - Habakkuk 2:16

  • Others seized his messengers and treated them shamefully, even killing some of them. - Matthew 22:6

  • "The owner then sent another servant, but they beat him over the head and treated him shamefully. - Mark 12:4

  • But they shamelessly cheat widows out of their property, and then, to cover up the kind of people they really are, they make long prayers in public. Because of this, their punishment will be the greater." - Mark 12:40
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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