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  • "But his father said to the servants, `Quick! Bring the finest robe in the house and put it on him. Get a ring for his finger, and sandals for his feet. - Luke 15:22

  • and he asked one of the servants what was going on. - Luke 15:26

  • "When a servant comes in from plowing or taking care of sheep, he doesn't just sit down and eat. - Luke 17:7

  • And the servant is not even thanked, because he is merely doing what he is supposed to do. - Luke 17:9

  • In the same way, when you obey me you should say, `We are not worthy of praise. We are servants who have simply done our duty.' " - Luke 17:10

  • Before he left, he called together ten servants and gave them ten pounds of silver* to invest for him while he was gone.1 - Luke 19:13

  • "When he returned, the king called in the servants to whom he had given the money. He wanted to find out what they had done with the money and what their profits were. - Luke 19:15

  • The first servant reported a tremendous gain--ten times as much as the original amount! - Luke 19:16

  • `Well done!' the king exclaimed. `You are a trustworthy servant. You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you, so you will be governor of ten cities as your reward.' - Luke 19:17

  • "The next servant also reported a good gain--five times the original amount. - Luke 19:18

  • "But the third servant brought back only the original amount of money and said, `I hid it and kept it safe. - Luke 19:20

  • " `You wicked servant!' the king roared. `Hard, am I? If you knew so much about me and how tough I am, - Luke 19:22

  • Then turning to the others standing nearby, the king ordered, `Take the money from this servant, and give it to the one who earned the most.' - Luke 19:24

  • " `But, master,' they said, `that servant has enough already!' - Luke 19:25

  • At grape-picking time, he sent one of his servants to collect his share of the crop. But the farmers attacked the servant, beat him up, and sent him back empty-handed. - Luke 20:10

  • So the owner sent another servant, but the same thing happened; he was beaten up and treated shamefully, and he went away empty-handed. - Luke 20:11

  • But his mother told the servants, "Do whatever he tells you." - John 2:5
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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