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  • Now the serpent was the shrewdest of all the creatures the LORD God had made. "Really?" he asked the woman. "Did God really say you must not eat any of the fruit in the garden?" - Genesis 3:1

  • "You won't die!" the serpent hissed. - Genesis 3:4

  • Then the LORD God asked the woman, "How could you do such a thing?" "The serpent tricked me," she replied. "That's why I ate it." - Genesis 3:13

  • So the LORD God said to the serpent, "Because you have done this, you will be punished. You are singled out from all the domestic and wild animals of the whole earth to be cursed. You will grovel in the dust as long as you live, crawling along on your belly. - Genesis 3:14

  • He removed the pagan shrines, smashed the sacred pillars, and knocked down the Asherah poles. He broke up the bronze serpent that Moses had made, because the people of Israel had begun to worship it by burning incense to it. The bronze serpent was called Nehushtan.*2 - 2 Kings 18:4

  • His Spirit made the heavens beautiful, and his power pierced the gliding serpent. - Job 26:13

  • You will trample down lions and poisonous snakes; you will crush fierce lions and serpents under your feet! - Psalms 91:13

  • For in the end it bites like a poisonous serpent; it stings like a viper. - Proverbs 23:32

  • Do not rejoice, you Philistines, that the king who attacked you is dead. For even though that whip is broken, his son will be worse than his father ever was. From that snake a poisonous snake will be born, a fiery serpent to destroy you! - Isaiah 14:29

  • In that day the LORD will take his terrible, swift sword and punish Leviathan, the swiftly moving serpent, the coiling, writhing serpent, the dragon of the sea. - Isaiah 27:1

  • Silent as a serpent gliding away, Egypt flees. The invading army marches in; they come against her with axes like woodsmen. - Jeremiah 46:22

  • Even if they hide at the very top of Mount Carmel, I will search them out and capture them. Even if they hide at the bottom of the ocean, I will send the great sea serpent after them to bite and destroy them. - Amos 9:3

  • But I fear that somehow you will be led away from your pure and simple devotion to Christ, just as Eve was deceived by the serpent. - 2 Corinthians 11:3

  • This great dragon--the ancient serpent called the Devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the whole world--was thrown down to the earth with all his angels. - Revelation 12:9

  • He seized the dragon--that old serpent, the Devil, Satan--and bound him in chains for a thousand years. - Revelation 20:2
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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