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  • You will bring them in and plant them on your own mountain-- the place you have made as your home, O LORD, the sanctuary, O Lord, that your hands have made. - Exodus 15:17

  • Moses gave them the materials donated by the people for the completion of the sanctuary. Additional gifts were brought each morning. - Exodus 36:3

  • The 100 bases for the frames of the sanctuary walls and for the posts supporting the inner curtain required 7,500 pounds of silver, about 75 pounds for each base.*7 - Exodus 38:27

  • "If any of the people sin by unintentionally defiling the LORD's sacred property, they must bring to the LORD a ram from the flock as their guilt offering. The animal must have no physical defects, and it must be of the proper value in silver as measured by the standard sanctuary shekel.*2 - Leviticus 5:15

  • Then Moses called for Mishael and Elzaphan, Aaron's cousins, the sons of Aaron's uncle Uzziel. He said to them, "Come and carry the bodies of your relatives away from the sanctuary to a place outside the camp." - Leviticus 10:4

  • "Why didn't you eat the sin offering in the sanctuary area?" he demanded. "It is a holy offering! It was given to you for removing the guilt of the community and for making atonement for the people before the LORD. - Leviticus 10:17

  • Since the animal's blood was not taken into the Holy Place, you should have eaten the meat in the sanctuary area as I ordered you." - Leviticus 10:18

  • Then the woman must wait for thirty-three days until the time of her purification from the blood of childbirth is completed. During this time of purification, she must not touch anything that is holy. And she must not go to the sanctuary until her time of purification is over. - Leviticus 12:4

  • "When Aaron enters the sanctuary area, he must follow these instructions fully. He must first bring a young bull for a sin offering and a ram for a whole burnt offering. - Leviticus 16:3

  • "Keep my Sabbath days of rest and show reverence toward my sanctuary, for I am the LORD. - Leviticus 19:30

  • I myself will turn against them and cut them off from the community, because they have defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name by giving their children to Molech. - Leviticus 20:3

  • He must not desecrate the sanctuary of his God by leaving it to attend his parents' funeral, because he has been made holy by the anointing oil of his God. I am the LORD. - Leviticus 21:12

  • You must keep my Sabbath days of rest and show reverence for my sanctuary. I am the LORD. - Leviticus 26:2

  • All the value assessments must be measured in terms of the standard sanctuary shekel.*4 - Leviticus 27:25

  • Appoint Aaron and his sons to carry out the duties of the priesthood. Anyone else who comes too near the sanctuary must be executed!" - Numbers 3:10
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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