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  • The altar for burning animal sacrifices also was constructed of acacia wood. It was 7 feet square at the top and 4 feet high.*1 - Exodus 38:1

  • "After several years away, I returned to Jerusalem with money to aid my people and to offer sacrifices to God. - Acts 24:17

  • If anyone touches anything that is unclean, whether it is human defilement or an unclean animal, and then eats meat from the LORD's sacrifices, that person must be cut off from the community." - Leviticus 7:21

  • Next Aaron presented the sacrifices for the people. He slaughtered the people's goat and presented it as their sin offering, just as he had done previously for himself. - Leviticus 9:15

  • These are the instructions for cleansing those who have recovered from a contagious skin disease but who cannot afford to bring the sacrifices normally required for the ceremony of cleansing." - Leviticus 14:32

  • If any Israelite sacrifices a bull* or a lamb or a goat anywhere inside or outside the camp1 - Leviticus 17:3

  • This rule will stop the Israelites from sacrificing animals in the open fields. It will cause them to bring their sacrifices to the priest at the entrance of the Tabernacle, so he can present them to the LORD as peace offerings. - Leviticus 17:5

  • The people must no longer be unfaithful to the LORD by offering sacrifices to evil spirits* out in the fields. This is a permanent law for them, to be kept generation after generation.3 - Leviticus 17:7

  • and offer these sacrifices to the LORD: a one-year-old male lamb without defect for a burnt offering, a one-year-old female lamb without defect for a sin offering, a ram without defect for a peace offering, - Numbers 6:14

  • These women invited them to attend sacrifices to their gods, and soon the Israelites were feasting with them and worshiping the gods of Moab. - Numbers 25:2

  • You will present these offerings in addition to your regular morning sacrifices. - Numbers 28:23

  • These special sacrifices are in addition to your regular monthly and daily burnt offerings, and they must be given with their prescribed grain offerings and drink offerings. These offerings are given to the LORD by fire and are very pleasing to him. - Numbers 29:6

  • "You must present these offerings to the LORD at your annual festivals. These are in addition to the sacrifices and offerings you present in connection with vows, or as freewill offerings, burnt offerings, grain offerings, drink offerings, or peace offerings." - Numbers 29:39

  • There you will bring to the LORD your burnt offerings, your sacrifices, your tithes, your special gifts, your offerings to fulfill a vow, your freewill offerings, and your offerings of the firstborn animals of your flocks and herds. - Deuteronomy 12:6

  • you must bring everything I command you--your burnt offerings, your sacrifices, your tithes, your special gifts, and your offerings to fulfill a vow--to the place the LORD your God will choose for his name to be honored. - Deuteronomy 12:11

  • You must offer the meat and blood of your burnt offerings on the altar of the LORD your God. The blood of your other sacrifices must be poured out beside the altar of the LORD your God, but you may eat the meat. - Deuteronomy 12:27

  • You must not do this to the LORD your God. These nations have committed many detestable acts that the LORD hates, all in the name of their gods. They have even burned their sons and daughters as sacrifices to their gods. - Deuteronomy 12:31
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