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  • On July 31* of my thirtieth year,* while I was with the Judean exiles beside the Kebar River in Babylon, the heavens were opened to me, and I saw visions of God.1 - Ezekiel 1:1

  • The LORD gave a message to me, Ezekiel son of Buzi, a priest, there beside the Kebar River in the land of the Babylonians,* and I felt the hand of the LORD take hold of me.2 - Ezekiel 1:3

  • Then I came to the colony of Judean exiles in Tel-abib, beside the Kebar River. I sat there among them for seven days, overwhelmed. - Ezekiel 3:15

  • So I got up and went, and there I saw the glory of the LORD, just as I had seen it in my first vision by the Kebar River. And I fell face down in the dust. - Ezekiel 3:23

  • Then the cherubim rose upward. These were the same living beings I had seen beside the Kebar River. - Ezekiel 10:15

  • These were the same living beings I had seen beneath the God of Israel when I was by the Kebar River. I knew they were cherubim, - Ezekiel 10:20

  • "Then he planted one of its seedlings in fertile ground beside a broad river, where it would grow as quickly as a willow tree. - Ezekiel 17:5

  • Give them this message from the Sovereign LORD: I am your enemy, O Pharaoh, king of Egypt--you great monster, lurking in the streams of the Nile. For you have said, `The Nile River is mine; I made it for myself!' - Ezekiel 29:3

  • The land of Egypt will become a desolate wasteland, and the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD. "Because you said, `The Nile River is mine; I made it,' - Ezekiel 29:9

  • I am now the enemy of both you and your river. I will utterly destroy the land of Egypt, from Migdol to Aswan, as far south as the border of Ethiopia.*2 - Ezekiel 29:10

  • I will dry up the Nile River and hand the land over to wicked men. I will destroy the land of Egypt and everything in it, using foreigners to do it. I, the LORD, have spoken! - Ezekiel 30:12

  • "Son of man, mourn for Pharaoh, king of Egypt, and give him this message: You think of yourself as a strong young lion among the nations, but you are really just a sea monster, heaving around in your own rivers, stirring up mud with your feet. - Ezekiel 32:2

  • I will bring them back home to their own land of Israel from among the peoples and nations. I will feed them on the mountains of Israel and by the rivers in all the places where people live. - Ezekiel 34:13

  • This vision was just like the others I had seen, first by the Kebar River and then when he came to destroy Jerusalem. And I fell down before him with my face in the dust. - Ezekiel 43:3

  • Then he measured another 1,750 feet, and the river was too deep to cross without swimming. - Ezekiel 47:5

  • He told me to keep in mind what I had seen; then he led me back along the riverbank. - Ezekiel 47:6

  • Suddenly, to my surprise, many trees were now growing on both sides of the river! - Ezekiel 47:7
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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