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  • Your destruction is certain, O people of Moab! You are finished, O worshipers of Chemosh! Chemosh has left his sons as refugees, and his daughters as captives of Sihon, the Amorite king. - Numbers 21:29

  • "You must give the Levites six cities of refuge, where a person who has accidentally killed someone can flee for safety. In addition, give them forty-two other towns. - Numbers 35:6

  • designate cities of refuge for people to flee to if they have killed someone accidentally. - Numbers 35:11

  • Designate six cities of refuge for yourselves, - Numbers 35:13

  • They must protect the slayer from the avenger, and they must send the slayer back to live in a city of refuge until the death of the high priest. - Numbers 35:25

  • " `But if the slayer leaves the city of refuge, - Numbers 35:26

  • The slayer should have stayed inside the city of refuge until the death of the high priest. But after the death of the high priest, the slayer may return to his own property. - Numbers 35:28

  • And never accept a ransom payment from someone who has fled to a city of refuge, allowing the slayer to return to his property before the death of the high priest. - Numbers 35:32

  • Then Moses set apart three cities of refuge east of the Jordan River, - Deuteronomy 4:41

  • Then you must set apart three cities of refuge in the land the LORD your God is giving you to occupy. - Deuteronomy 19:2

  • For example, suppose someone goes into the forest with a neighbor to cut wood. And suppose one of them swings an ax and the ax head flies off the handle, killing the other person. In such cases, the slayer could flee to one of the cities of refuge and be safe. - Deuteronomy 19:5

  • If the distance to the nearest city of refuge was too far, an enraged avenger might be able to chase down and kill the person who caused the death. The slayer would die, even though there was no death sentence and the first death had been an accident. - Deuteronomy 19:6

  • That is why I am commanding you to set aside three cities of refuge. - Deuteronomy 19:7

  • you must designate three additional cities of refuge. (He will give you this land if you obey all the commands I have given you--if you always love the LORD your God and walk in his ways.) - Deuteronomy 19:9

  • "But suppose someone hates a neighbor and deliberately ambushes and murders that neighbor and then escapes to one of the cities of refuge. - Deuteronomy 19:11
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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