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  • Bethuel became the father of Rebekah. - Genesis 22:23

  • As he was still praying, a young woman named Rebekah arrived with a water jug on her shoulder. Her father was Bethuel, who was the son of Abraham's brother Nahor and his wife, Milcah. - Genesis 24:15

  • Now Rebekah was very beautiful, and she was a virgin; no man had ever slept with her. She went down to the spring, filled her jug, and came up again. - Genesis 24:16

  • Now Rebekah had a brother named Laban. - Genesis 24:29

  • "Before I had finished praying these words, I saw Rebekah coming along with her water jug on her shoulder. She went down to the spring and drew water and filled the jug. So I said to her, `Please give me a drink.' - Genesis 24:45

  • Here is Rebekah; take her and go. Yes, let her be the wife of your master's son, as the LORD has directed." - Genesis 24:51

  • Then he brought out silver and gold jewelry and lovely clothing for Rebekah. He also gave valuable presents to her mother and brother. - Genesis 24:53

  • "But we want Rebekah to stay at least ten days," her brother and mother said. "Then she can go." - Genesis 24:55

  • "Well," they said, "we'll call Rebekah and ask her what she thinks." - Genesis 24:57

  • So they called Rebekah. "Are you willing to go with this man?" they asked her. And she replied, "Yes, I will go." - Genesis 24:58

  • So they said good-bye to Rebekah and sent her away with Abraham's servant and his men. The woman who had been Rebekah's childhood nurse went along with her. - Genesis 24:59

  • Then Rebekah and her servants mounted the camels and left with Abraham's servant. - Genesis 24:61

  • When Rebekah looked up and saw Isaac, she quickly dismounted. - Genesis 24:64

  • "Who is that man walking through the fields to meet us?" she asked the servant. And he replied, "It is my master." So Rebekah covered her face with her veil. - Genesis 24:65

  • And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother's tent, and she became his wife. He loved her very much, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother. - Genesis 24:67
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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