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  • See, the LORD is coming with fire, and his swift chariots of destruction roar like a whirlwind. He will bring punishment with the fury of his anger and the flaming fire of his hot rebuke. - Isaiah 66:15

  • And the LORD said, "That's right, and it means that I am watching,* and I will surely carry out my threats of punishment."3 - Jeremiah 1:12

  • "Your own actions have brought this upon you. This punishment is a bitter dose of your own medicine. It has pierced you to the heart!" - Jeremiah 4:18

  • Not one of these plotters from Anathoth will survive, for I will bring disaster upon them when their time of punishment comes." - Jeremiah 11:23

  • Therefore, this is the LORD's decree of punishment against King Jehoiakim, who succeeded his father, Josiah, on the throne: "His family will not weep for him when he dies. His subjects will not even care that he is dead. - Jeremiah 22:18

  • "Therefore, their paths will be dark and slippery. They will be chased down dark and treacherous trails, where they will fall. For I will bring disaster upon them when their time of punishment comes. I, the LORD, have spoken! - Jeremiah 23:12

  • Why do you protest your punishment--this wound that has no cure? I have had to punish you because your sins are many and your guilt is great. - Jeremiah 30:15

  • `Stay here in this land. If you do, I will build you up and not tear you down; I will plant you and not uproot you. For I am sorry for all the punishment I have had to bring upon you. - Jeremiah 42:10

  • Egypt's famed mercenaries have become like fattened calves. They turn and run, for it is a day of great disaster for Egypt, a time of great punishment. - Jeremiah 46:21

  • Flee from Babylon! Save yourselves! Don't get trapped in her punishment! It is the LORD's time for vengeance; he will fully repay her. - Jeremiah 51:6

  • Destroying armies come against Babylon. Her mighty men are captured, and their weapons break in their hands. For the LORD is a God who gives just punishment, and he is giving Babylon all she deserves. - Jeremiah 51:56

  • She defiled herself with immorality with no thought of the punishment that would follow. Now she lies in the gutter with no one to lift her out. "LORD, see my deep misery," she cries. "The enemy has triumphed." - Lamentations 1:9

  • O Jerusalem,* your punishment will end; you will soon return from exile. But Edom, your punishment is just beginning; soon your many sins will be revealed.4 - Lamentations 4:22

  • It was our ancestors who sinned, but they died before the hand of judgment fell. We have suffered the punishment they deserved! - Lamentations 5:7

  • Food and water will be so scarce that the people will look at one another in terror, and they will waste away under their punishment. - Ezekiel 4:17

  • Soon I will pour out my fury to complete your punishment for all your disgusting behavior. - Ezekiel 7:8

  • Their violence will fall back on them as punishment for their wickedness. None of these proud and wicked people will survive. All their wealth will be swept away. - Ezekiel 7:11
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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