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  • "Tell me, O my love, where are you leading your flock today? Where will you rest your sheep at noon? For why should I wander like a prostitute* among the flocks of your companions?" [Young Man:]4 - Song of Solomon 1:7

  • See how Jerusalem, once so faithful, has become a prostitute. Once the home of justice and righteousness, she is now filled with murderers. - Isaiah 1:21

  • For seventy years, the length of a king's life, Tyre will be forgotten. But then the city will come back to life and sing sweet songs like a prostitute. - Isaiah 23:15

  • "But you--come here, you witches' children, you offspring of adulterers and prostitutes! - Isaiah 57:3

  • Long ago I broke your yoke and tore away the chains of your slavery, but still you would not obey me. On every hill and under every green tree, you have prostituted yourselves by bowing down to idols. - Jeremiah 2:20

  • "How you plot and scheme to win your lovers. The most experienced prostitute could learn from you! - Jeremiah 2:33

  • "If a man divorces a woman and she marries someone else, he is not to take her back again, for that would surely corrupt the land. But you have prostituted yourself with many lovers, says the LORD. Yet I am still calling you to come back to me. - Jeremiah 3:1

  • "Look all around you. Is there anywhere in the entire land where you have not been defiled by your adulteries? You sit like a prostitute beside the road waiting for a client. You sit alone like a nomad in the desert. You have polluted the land with your prostitution and wickedness. - Jeremiah 3:2

  • That is why even the spring rains have failed. For you are a prostitute and are completely unashamed. - Jeremiah 3:3

  • "But you thought you could get along without me, so you trusted instead in your fame and beauty. You gave yourself as a prostitute to every man who came along. Your beauty was theirs for the asking! - Ezekiel 16:15

  • "Then you took your sons and daughters--the children you had borne to me--and sacrificed them to your gods. Was it not enough that you should be a prostitute? - Ezekiel 16:20

  • You have prostituted yourselves with the Assyrians, too. It seems you can never find enough new lovers! And after your prostitution there, you still were not satisfied. - Ezekiel 16:28

  • "What a sick heart you have, says the Sovereign LORD, to do such things as these, acting like a shameless prostitute. - Ezekiel 16:30

  • You build your pagan shrines on every street corner and your altars to idols in every square. You have been worse than a prostitute, so eager for sin that you have not even demanded payment for your love! - Ezekiel 16:31

  • Prostitutes charge for their services--but not you! You give gifts to your lovers, bribing them to come to you. - Ezekiel 16:33

  • So you are the opposite of other prostitutes. No one pays you; instead, you pay them! - Ezekiel 16:34

  • "Therefore, you prostitute, listen to this message from the LORD! - Ezekiel 16:35
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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