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  • If you want to redeem the animal, you must pay the value set by the priest, plus 20 percent. - Leviticus 27:13

  • "If you dedicate a house to the LORD, the priest must come to assess its value. The priest's assessment will be final. - Leviticus 27:14

  • If you wish to redeem the house, you must pay the value set by the priest, plus 20 percent. Then the house will again belong to you. - Leviticus 27:15

  • But if the field is dedicated after the Year of Jubilee, the priest must assess the land's value in proportion to the years left until the next Year of Jubilee. - Leviticus 27:18

  • If you decide to redeem the dedicated field, you must pay the land's value as assessed by the priest, plus 20 percent. Then the field will again belong to you. - Leviticus 27:19

  • But if you decide not to redeem the field, or if the field is sold to someone else by the priests, it can never be redeemed. - Leviticus 27:20

  • When the field is released in the Year of Jubilee, it will be holy, a field specially set apart* for the LORD. It will become the property of the priests.3 - Leviticus 27:21

  • the priest must assess its value based on the years until the next Year of Jubilee. You must then give the assessed value of the land as a sacred donation to the LORD. - Leviticus 27:23

  • However, if it is the firstborn of a ceremonially unclean animal, you may redeem it by paying the priest's assessment of its worth, plus 20 percent. If you do not redeem it, the priest may sell it to someone else for its assessed value. - Leviticus 27:27

  • They were anointed and set apart to minister as priests. - Numbers 3:3

  • But Nadab and Abihu died in the LORD's presence in the wilderness of Sinai when they burned before the LORD a different kind of fire than he had commanded. Since they had no sons, this left only Eleazar and Ithamar to serve as priests with their father, Aaron. - Numbers 3:4

  • "Call forward the tribe of Levi and present them to Aaron the priest as his assistants. - Numbers 3:6

  • Appoint Aaron and his sons to carry out the duties of the priesthood. Anyone else who comes too near the sanctuary must be executed!" - Numbers 3:10

  • Eleazar the priest, Aaron's son, was the chief administrator over all the Levites, with special responsibility for the oversight of the sanctuary. - Numbers 3:32

  • The area in front of the Tabernacle in the east toward the sunrise* was reserved for the tents of Moses and of Aaron and his sons, who had the final responsibility for the sanctuary on behalf of the people of Israel. Anyone other than a priest or Levite who came too near the sanctuary was to be executed.4 - Numbers 3:38

  • "Eleazar son of Aaron the priest will be responsible for the oil of the lampstand, the fragrant incense, the daily grain offering, and the anointing oil. In fact, the supervision of the entire Tabernacle and everything in it will be Eleazar's responsibility." - Numbers 4:16

  • So these are the duties assigned to the Gershonites at the Tabernacle. They will be directly responsible to Ithamar son of Aaron the priest. - Numbers 4:28
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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