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  • the man is infected with a contagious skin disease and is unclean. The priest must pronounce him ceremonially unclean because of the infection. - Leviticus 13:44

  • If the affected area in the clothing, the animal hide, the fabric, or the leather has turned bright green or a reddish color, it is contaminated with an infectious mildew and must be taken to the priest to be examined. - Leviticus 13:49

  • After examining the affected spot, the priest will put it away for seven days. - Leviticus 13:50

  • On the seventh day the priest must inspect it again. If the affected area has spread, the material is clearly contaminated by an infectious mildew and is unclean. - Leviticus 13:51

  • The priest must burn the linen or wool clothing or the piece of leather because it has been contaminated by an infectious mildew. It must be completely destroyed by fire. - Leviticus 13:52

  • "But if the priest examines it again and the affected spot has not spread in the clothing, the fabric, or the leather, - Leviticus 13:53

  • the priest will order the contaminated object to be washed and then isolated for seven more days. - Leviticus 13:54

  • Then the priest must inspect the object again. If he sees that the affected area has not changed appearance after being washed, even if it did not spread, the object is defiled. It must be completely burned up, whether it is contaminated on the inside or outside. - Leviticus 13:55

  • But if the priest sees that the affected area has faded after being washed, he is to cut the spot from the clothing, the fabric, or the leather. - Leviticus 13:56

  • "These are the instructions for dealing with infectious mildew in woolen or linen clothing or fabric, or in anything made of leather. This is how the priest will determine whether these things are ceremonially clean or unclean." - Leviticus 13:59

  • "The following instructions must be followed by those seeking purification from a contagious skin disease.* Those who have been healed must be brought to the priest,1 - Leviticus 14:2

  • who will examine them at a place outside the camp. If the priest finds that someone has been healed of the skin disease, - Leviticus 14:3

  • The priest will order one of the birds to be slaughtered over a clay pot that is filled with fresh springwater. - Leviticus 14:5

  • The priest will also sprinkle the dead bird's blood seven times over the person being purified, and the priest will pronounce that person to be ceremonially clean. At the end of the ceremony, the priest will set the living bird free so it can fly away into the open fields. - Leviticus 14:7

  • Then the officiating priest will present that person for cleansing, along with the offerings, before the LORD at the entrance of the Tabernacle.*3 - Leviticus 14:11

  • The priest will take one of the lambs and the olive oil and offer them as a guilt offering by lifting them up before the LORD. - Leviticus 14:12

  • He will then slaughter the lamb there in the sacred area at the place where sin offerings and burnt offerings are slaughtered. As with the sin offering, the guilt offering will be given to the priest. It is a most holy offering. - Leviticus 14:13
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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