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  • Present a cake from the first of the flour you grind and set it aside as a gift, as you do with the first grain from the threshing floor. - Numbers 15:20

  • Throughout the generations to come, you are to present this offering to the LORD each year from the first of your ground flour. - Numbers 15:21

  • If the mistake was done unintentionally, and the community was unaware of it, the whole community must present a young bull for a burnt offering. It will be pleasing to the LORD, and it must be offered along with the prescribed grain offering and drink offering and with one male goat for a sin offering. - Numbers 15:24

  • And Moses said to Korah, "Come here tomorrow and present yourself before the LORD with all your followers. Aaron will also be here. - Numbers 16:16

  • Be sure that each of your 250 followers brings an incense burner with incense on it, so you can present them before the LORD. Aaron will also bring his incense burner." - Numbers 16:17

  • "All the other offerings presented to me by the Israelites by lifting them up before the altar also belong to you as your regular share. Any member of your family who is ceremonially clean, male and female alike, may eat of these offerings. - Numbers 18:11

  • All the firstfruits of the land that the people present to the LORD belong to you. Any member of your family who is ceremonially clean may eat this food. - Numbers 18:13

  • The meat of these animals will be yours, just like the breast and right thigh that are presented by lifting them up before the altar. - Numbers 18:18

  • You must present one-tenth of the tithe received from the Israelites as a gift to the LORD. From this you must present the LORD's portion to Aaron the priest. - Numbers 18:28

  • "Also say to the Levites: `When you present the best part, it will be considered as though it came from your own threshing floor or winepress. - Numbers 18:30

  • I see him, but not in the present time. I perceive him, but far in the distant future. A star will rise from Jacob; a scepter will emerge from Israel. It will crush the foreheads of Moab's people, cracking the skulls of the people of Sheth. - Numbers 24:17

  • One day a petition was presented by the daughters of Zelophehad--Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. Their father, Zelophehad, was the son of Hepher, son of Gilead, son of Makir, son of Manasseh, son of Joseph. - Numbers 27:1

  • Present him to Eleazar the priest before the whole community, and publicly commission him with the responsibility of leading the people. - Numbers 27:19

  • So Moses did as the LORD commanded and presented Joshua to Eleazar the priest and the whole community. - Numbers 27:22

  • "Give these instructions to the people of Israel: The offerings you present to me by fire on the altar are my food, and they are very pleasing to me. See to it that they are brought at the appointed times and offered according to my instructions. - Numbers 28:2

  • "Say to them: When you present your daily whole burnt offerings to the LORD, you must offer two one-year-old male lambs with no physical defects. - Numbers 28:3

  • Along with it you must present the proper drink offering, consisting of one quart of fermented drink with each lamb, poured out in the Holy Place as an offering to the LORD. - Numbers 28:7
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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