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  • the husband must bring his wife to the priest with an offering of two quarts* of barley flour to be presented on her behalf. Do not mix it with olive oil or frankincense, for it is a jealousy offering--an offering of inquiry to find out if she is guilty.2 - Numbers 5:15

  • " `The priest must then present her before the LORD. - Numbers 5:16

  • When he has presented her before the LORD, he must unbind her hair and place the offering of inquiry--the jealousy offering--in her hands to determine whether or not her husband's suspicions are justified. The priest will stand before her, holding the jar of bitter water that brings a curse to those who are guilty. - Numbers 5:18

  • or if a man is overcome with jealousy and suspicion that his wife has been unfaithful, the husband must present his wife before the LORD, and the priest will apply this entire ritual law to her. - Numbers 5:30

  • The priest will present these offerings before the LORD: first the sin offering and the burnt offering; - Numbers 6:16

  • Together they brought six carts and twelve oxen. There was a cart for every two leaders and an ox for each leader. They presented these to the LORD in front of the Tabernacle. - Numbers 7:3

  • So Moses presented the carts and oxen to the Levites. - Numbers 7:6

  • The leaders also presented dedication gifts for the altar at the time it was anointed. They each placed their gifts before the altar. - Numbers 7:10

  • On the first day Nahshon son of Amminadab, leader of the tribe of Judah, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:12

  • On the second day Nethanel son of Zuar, leader of the tribe of Issachar, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:18

  • On the third day Eliab son of Helon, leader of the tribe of Zebulun, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:24

  • On the fourth day Elizur son of Shedeur, leader of the tribe of Reuben, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:30

  • On the fifth day Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai, leader of the tribe of Simeon, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:36

  • On the sixth day Eliasaph son of Deuel, leader of the tribe of Gad, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:42

  • On the seventh day Elishama son of Ammihud, leader of the tribe of Ephraim, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:48

  • On the eighth day Gamaliel son of Pedahzur, leader of the tribe of Manasseh, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:54

  • On the ninth day Abidan son of Gideoni, leader of the tribe of Benjamin, presented his offering. - Numbers 7:60
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