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  • One day Adonijah, whose mother was Haggith, came to see Bathsheba, Solomon's mother. "Have you come to make trouble?" she asked him. "No," he said, "I come in peace. - 1 Kings 2:13

  • May Joab and his descendants be forever guilty of these murders, and may the LORD grant peace to David and his descendants and to his throne forever." - 1 Kings 2:33

  • Solomon's dominion extended over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River, from Tiphsah to Gaza. And there was peace throughout the entire land. - 1 Kings 4:24

  • Throughout the lifetime of Solomon, all of Judah and Israel lived in peace and safety. And from Dan to Beersheba, each family had its own home and garden. - 1 Kings 4:25

  • But now the LORD my God has given me peace on every side, and I have no enemies and all is well. - 1 Kings 5:4

  • So the LORD gave great wisdom to Solomon just as he had promised. And Hiram and Solomon made a formal alliance of peace. - 1 Kings 5:12

  • "Take them alive," Ben-hadad commanded, "whether they have come for peace or for war." - 1 Kings 20:18

  • So Micaiah told him, "In a vision I saw all Israel scattered on the mountains, like sheep without a shepherd. And the LORD said, `Their master has been killed. Send them home in peace.' " - 1 Kings 22:17

  • Jehoshaphat also made peace with the king of Israel. - 1 Kings 22:44

  • "Go in peace," Elisha said. So Naaman started home again. - 2 Kings 5:19

  • The watchman on the tower of Jezreel saw Jehu and his company approaching, so he shouted to Joram, "I see a company of troops coming!" "Send out a rider to find out if they are coming in peace," King Joram shouted back. - 2 Kings 9:17

  • So a rider went out to meet Jehu and said, "The king wants to know whether you are coming in peace." Jehu replied, "What do you know about peace? Get behind me!" The watchman called out to the king, "The rider has met them, but he is not returning." - 2 Kings 9:18

  • So the king sent out a second rider. He rode up to them and demanded, "The king wants to know whether you come in peace." Again Jehu answered, "What do you know about peace? Get behind me!" - 2 Kings 9:19

  • King Joram demanded, "Do you come in peace, Jehu?" Jehu replied, "How can there be peace as long as the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother, Jezebel, are all around us?" - 2 Kings 9:22

  • When Jehu entered the gate of the palace, she shouted at him, "Have you come in peace, you murderer? You are just like Zimri, who murdered his master!" - 2 Kings 9:31

  • So all the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was peaceful because Athaliah had been killed at the king's palace. - 2 Kings 11:20

  • "Don't listen to Hezekiah! These are the terms the king of Assyria is offering: Make peace with me--open the gates and come out. Then I will allow each of you to continue eating from your own garden and drinking from your own well. - 2 Kings 18:31
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