Palm Tree

Palm Tree

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(Read Palm Tree Part 1 First)

  • Its foyer faced into the outer courtyard, and it had palm tree decorations on the columns. There were eight steps leading to its entrance. - Ezekiel 40:37

  • All the walls were decorated with carvings of cherubim, each with two faces, and there was a palm tree carving between each of the cherubim. - Ezekiel 41:18

  • One face--that of a man--looked toward the palm tree on one side. The other face--that of a young lion--looked toward the palm tree on the other side. The figures were carved all along the inside of the Temple, - Ezekiel 41:19

  • The doors leading into the Holy Place were decorated with carved cherubim and palm trees just as on the walls. And there was a wooden canopy over the front of the Temple's foyer. - Ezekiel 41:25

  • On both sides of the foyer there were recessed windows decorated with carved palm trees. - Ezekiel 41:26

  • The grapevines and the fig trees have all withered. The pomegranate trees, palm trees, and apple trees--yes, all the fruit trees--have dried up. All joy has dried up with them. - Joel 1:12

  • New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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