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  • they will remain defiled until evening. They must not eat any of the sacred offerings until they have purified their bodies with water. - Leviticus 22:6

  • When the sun goes down, they will be clean again and may eat the sacred offerings. After all, this food has been set aside for them. - Leviticus 22:7

  • "No one outside a priest's family may ever eat the sacred offerings, even if the person lives in a priest's home or is one of his hired servants. - Leviticus 22:10

  • If a priest's daughter marries someone outside the priestly family, she may no longer eat the sacred offerings. - Leviticus 22:12

  • But if she becomes a widow or is divorced and has no children to support her, and she returns to live in her father's home, she may eat her father's food again. But other than these exceptions, only members of the priests' families are allowed to eat the sacred offerings. - Leviticus 22:13

  • "Anyone who eats the sacred offerings without realizing it must pay the priest for the amount eaten, plus an added penalty of 20 percent. - Leviticus 22:14

  • No one may defile the sacred offerings brought to the LORD by the Israelites - Leviticus 22:15

  • Along with this bread, present seven one-year-old lambs with no physical defects, one bull, and two rams as burnt offerings to the LORD. These whole burnt offerings, together with the accompanying grain offerings and drink offerings, will be given to the LORD by fire and will be pleasing to him. - Leviticus 23:18

  • "The priest will lift up these offerings before the LORD, together with the loaves representing the first of your later crops. These offerings are holy to the LORD and will belong to the priests. - Leviticus 23:20

  • You must do no regular work on that day. Instead, you are to present offerings to the LORD by fire." - Leviticus 23:25

  • "Remember that the Day of Atonement is to be celebrated on the ninth day after the Festival of Trumpets.* On that day you must humble yourselves, gather for a sacred assembly, and present offerings to the LORD by fire.1 - Leviticus 23:27

  • On each of the seven festival days, you must present offerings to the LORD by fire. On the eighth day, you must gather again for a sacred assembly and present another offering to the LORD by fire. This will be a solemn closing assembly, and no regular work may be done that day. - Leviticus 23:36

  • "These are the LORD's appointed annual festivals. Celebrate them by gathering in sacred assemblies to present all the various offerings to the LORD by fire--whole burnt offerings and grain offerings, sacrificial meals and drink offerings--each on its proper day. - Leviticus 23:37

  • These festivals must be observed in addition to the LORD's regular Sabbath days. And these offerings must be given in addition to your personal gifts, the offerings you make to accompany your vows, and any freewill offerings that you present to the LORD. - Leviticus 23:38

  • The loaves of bread belong to Aaron and his male descendants, who must eat them in a sacred place, for they represent a most holy portion of the offerings given to the LORD by fire." - Leviticus 24:9

  • I will make your cities desolate and destroy your places of worship, and I will take no pleasure in your offerings of incense. - Leviticus 26:31

  • a basket of bread made without yeast--cakes of choice flour mixed with olive oil and wafers spread with olive oil--along with their prescribed grain offerings and drink offerings. - Numbers 6:15
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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