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  • "Now this is what the Sovereign LORD says: Destruction is certain for Jerusalem, the city of murderers! She is a pot filled with corruption. So take the meat out chunk by chunk in whatever order it comes, - Ezekiel 24:6

  • for her wickedness is evident to all. She murders boldly, leaving blood on the rocks for all to see. She doesn't even try to cover it! - Ezekiel 24:7

  • "This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Destruction is certain for Jerusalem, the city of murderers! I myself will pile up the fuel beneath her. - Ezekiel 24:9

  • Now give these people this message from the Sovereign LORD: You eat meat with blood in it, you worship idols, and you murder the innocent. Do you really think the land should be yours? - Ezekiel 33:25

  • Murderers! Idolaters! Adulterers! Should the land belong to you? - Ezekiel 33:26

  • They polluted the land with murder and by worshiping idols, so I poured out my fury on them. - Ezekiel 36:18

  • And the LORD said, "Name the child Jezreel, for I am about to punish King Jehu's dynasty to avenge the murders he committed at Jezreel. - Hosea 1:4

  • You curse and lie and kill and steal and commit adultery. There is violence everywhere, with one murder after another. - Hosea 4:2

  • Its citizens are bands of robbers, lying in ambush for their victims. Gangs of priests murder travelers along the road to Shechem and practice every kind of sin. - Hosea 6:9

  • You are building Jerusalem on a foundation of murder and corruption. - Micah 3:10

  • The godly people have all disappeared; not one fair-minded person is left on the earth. They are all murderers, even setting traps for their own brothers. - Micah 7:2

  • How terrible it will be for Nineveh, the city of murder and lies! She is crammed with wealth to be plundered. - Nahum 3:1

  • You have plundered many nations; now they will plunder you. You murderers! You have filled the countryside with violence and all the cities, too. - Habakkuk 2:8

  • But by the murders you committed, you have shamed your name and forfeited your lives. - Habakkuk 2:10

  • "How terrible it will be for you who build cities with money gained by murder and corruption! - Habakkuk 2:12

  • You cut down the forests of Lebanon. Now you will be cut down! You terrified the wild animals you caught in your traps. Now terror will strike you because of your murder and violence in cities everywhere! - Habakkuk 2:17

  • "You have heard that the law of Moses says, `Do not murder. If you commit murder, you are subject to judgment.'*2 - Matthew 5:21
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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