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  • The celebration lasted six months*--a tremendous display of the opulent wealth and glory of his empire.2 - Esther 1:4

  • Before each young woman was taken to the king's bed, she was given the prescribed twelve months of beauty treatments--six months with oil of myrrh, followed by six months with special perfumes and ointments. - Esther 2:12

  • So in the month of April,* during the twelfth year of King Xerxes' reign, lots were cast (the lots were called [purim]) to determine the best day and month to take action. And the day selected was March 7, nearly a year later.*1 - Esther 3:7

  • "The whole world knows that anyone who appears before the king in his inner court without being invited is doomed to die unless the king holds out his gold scepter. And the king has not called for me to come to him in more than a month." - Esther 4:11

  • Haman son of Hammedatha the Agagite, the enemy of the Jews, had plotted to crush and destroy them on the day and month determined by casting lots (the lots were called [purim]). - Esther 9:24

  • Let that night be blotted off the calendar, never again to be counted among the days of the year, never again to appear among the months. - Job 3:6

  • I, too, have been assigned months of futility, long and weary nights of misery. - Job 7:3

  • You have decided the length of our lives. You know how many months we will live, and we are not given a minute longer. - Job 14:5

  • Do you know how many months they carry their young? Are you aware of the time of their delivery? - Job 39:2

  • He has taken a wallet full of money with him, and he won't return until later in the month." - Proverbs 7:20

  • "All humanity will come to worship me from week to week and from month to month. - Isaiah 66:23

  • They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they go right on producing delicious fruit. - Jeremiah 17:8

  • Two months later,* Hananiah died.3 - Jeremiah 28:17

  • It will take seven months for the people of Israel to cleanse the land by burying the bodies. - Ezekiel 39:12

  • At the end of the seven months, special crews will be appointed to search the land for any skeletons and to bury them, so the land will be made clean again. - Ezekiel 39:14

  • All kinds of fruit trees will grow along both sides of the river. The leaves of these trees will never turn brown and fall, and there will always be fruit on their branches. There will be a new crop every month, without fail! For they are watered by the river flowing from the Temple. The fruit will be for food and the leaves for healing." - Ezekiel 47:12

  • Twelve months later, he was taking a walk on the flat roof of the royal palace in Babylon. - Daniel 4:29
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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