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  • The Levites must serve at the Tabernacle, and they will be held responsible for any offenses against it. This is a permanent law among you. But the Levites will receive no inheritance of land among the Israelites, - Numbers 18:23

  • because I have given them the Israelites' tithes, which have been set apart as offerings to the LORD. This will be the Levites' share. That is why I said they would receive no inheritance of land among the Israelites." - Numbers 18:24

  • "Say this to the Levites: `When you receive the tithes from the Israelites, give a tenth of the tithes you receive--a tithe of the tithe--to the LORD as a gift. - Numbers 18:26

  • "Also say to the Levites: `When you present the best part, it will be considered as though it came from your own threshing floor or winepress. - Numbers 18:30

  • You Levites and your families may eat this food anywhere you wish, for it is your compensation for serving in the Tabernacle. - Numbers 18:31

  • This is the census record for the Levites who were counted according to their clans: The Gershonite clan, named after its ancestor Gershon. The Kohathite clan, named after its ancestor Kohath. The Merarite clan, named after its ancestor Merari. - Numbers 26:57

  • The Libnites, the Hebronites, the Mahlites, the Mushites, and the Korahites were all subclans of the Levites. Now Kohath was the ancestor of Amram, - Numbers 26:58

  • and Amram's wife was named Jochebed. She also was a descendant of Levi, born among the Levites in the land of Egypt. Amram and Jochebed became the parents of Aaron, Moses, and their sister, Miriam. - Numbers 26:59

  • The men from the Levite clans who were one month old or older numbered 23,000. But the Levites were not included in the total census figure of the people of Israel because they were not given an inheritance of land when it was divided among the Israelites. - Numbers 26:62

  • Also take one of every fifty of the captives, cattle, donkeys, sheep, and goats in the half that belongs to the people of Israel. Give this share to the Levites in charge of maintaining the LORD's Tabernacle." - Numbers 31:30

  • From the half-share given to the people, Moses took one of every fifty prisoners and animals and gave them to the Levites who maintained the LORD's Tabernacle. All this was done just as the LORD had commanded Moses. - Numbers 31:47

  • "Instruct the people of Israel to give to the Levites from their property certain towns to live in, along with the surrounding pasturelands. - Numbers 35:2

  • The pastureland assigned to the Levites around these towns will extend 1,500 feet* from the town walls in every direction.1 - Numbers 35:4

  • "You must give the Levites six cities of refuge, where a person who has accidentally killed someone can flee for safety. In addition, give them forty-two other towns. - Numbers 35:6

  • In all, forty-eight towns with the surrounding pastureland will be given to the Levites. - Numbers 35:7

  • These towns will come from the property of the people of Israel. The larger tribes will give more towns to the Levites, while the smaller tribes will give fewer. Each tribe will give in proportion to its inheritance." - Numbers 35:8

  • That is why the Levites have no share or inheritance reserved for them among the other Israelite tribes. The LORD himself is their inheritance, as the LORD your God told them. - Deuteronomy 10:9
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    New Living Translation Bible used with permission Tyndale House Publishers.

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