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  • So Potiphar gave Joseph complete administrative responsibility over everything he owned. With Joseph there, he didn't have a worry in the world, except to decide what he wanted to eat! Now Joseph was a very handsome and well-built young man. - Genesis 39:6

  • But Joseph refused. "Look," he told her, "my master trusts me with everything in his entire household. - Genesis 39:8

  • She came and grabbed him by his shirt, demanding, "Sleep with me!" Joseph tore himself away, but as he did, his shirt came off. She was left holding it as he ran from the house. - Genesis 39:12

  • He took Joseph and threw him into the prison where the king's prisoners were held. - Genesis 39:20

  • But the LORD was with Joseph there, too, and he granted Joseph favor with the chief jailer. - Genesis 39:21

  • Before long, the jailer put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners and over everything that happened in the prison. - Genesis 39:22

  • The chief jailer had no more worries after that, because Joseph took care of everything. The LORD was with him, making everything run smoothly and successfully. - Genesis 39:23

  • and he put them in the prison where Joseph was, in the palace of Potiphar, the captain of the guard. - Genesis 40:3

  • They remained in prison for quite some time, and Potiphar assigned Joseph to take care of them. - Genesis 40:4

  • The next morning Joseph noticed the dejected look on their faces. - Genesis 40:6

  • And they replied, "We both had dreams last night, but there is no one here to tell us what they mean." "Interpreting dreams is God's business," Joseph replied. "Tell me what you saw." - Genesis 40:8

  • "I know what the dream means," Joseph said. "The three branches mean three days. - Genesis 40:12

  • When the chief baker saw that the first dream had such a good meaning, he told his dream to Joseph, too. "In my dream," he said, "there were three baskets of pastries on my head. - Genesis 40:16

  • "I'll tell you what it means," Joseph told him. "The three baskets mean three days. - Genesis 40:18

  • but he sentenced the chief baker to be impaled on a pole, just as Joseph had predicted. - Genesis 40:22

  • Pharaoh's cup-bearer, however, promptly forgot all about Joseph, never giving him another thought. - Genesis 40:23

  • Pharaoh sent for Joseph at once, and he was brought hastily from the dungeon. After a quick shave and change of clothes, he went in and stood in Pharaoh's presence. - Genesis 41:14
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